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PlayDapp (PLA) now supporting League of Kingdoms NFT trading.

LAND & Items from NOD Game’s awesome blockchain game are now yours or the taking!

PlayDapp has started supporting the trading of Non-Fungible Token (NFT) items for League of Kingdoms, a blockchain-based Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) strategy game developed by NOD Games.

PlayDapp is a platform that supports NFT item trading specializing in game items. PlayDapp guarantees gamers’ ownership of items by utilizing blockchain and helps them collect and trade items globally.

‘League of Kingdoms’, now part of the PlayDapp ecosystem, is a blockchain technology-based strategy game in which users establish their own kingdom, expand their territory through alliances and wars, and gain dominance over the continent. Users can own assets such as land or resources in the game as NFT and can freely trade these NFT items using the PlayDapp Token (PLA) at the PlayDapp Marketplace (

To celebrate the entry of ‘League of Kingdoms’ into the PlayDapp marketplace PlayDapp will run a special event. Reducing marketplace fees to 0% until March 6th as well as rewarding users of the marketplace, who trade ‘League of Kingdoms’ NFT. Additionally, a unique game prize pack will be part of the launch, the PlayDapp X League of Kingdoms game pack will be given to randomly selected users. More details can be found at

Meanwhile, PlayDapp is working on close partnerships with various game developers to activate blockchain games and plans to provide rewards to all developers, distributors, and users participating in the PlayDapp ecosystem through a membership program in the future.

Start your trading now on the PlayDapp marketplace!



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