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PlayDapp releases CryptoDozer themed Stickers on Samsung Galaxy phones.

Backed by AI, these themed stickers are part of a partnership with Mojitok.

PlayDapp’s recently announced Emoticons have launched on Samsung Galaxy devices as stickers! Our CryptoDozer Themed emoticons are backed by Mojitok’s AI, to help suggest the perfect one based on what you are writing.

This awesome new sticker pack for Samsung Galaxy Devices is already making waves and can be found easily, whether you’re texting, using WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. And right now are proving their popularity amongst users by being featured in the “popular” tab of the Galaxy Sticker area.

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then our super cute, animated sticker set can only be worth at least a text or two!

Never be lost for the right word, or be unable to express yourself again. Our partnership with Mojitok helps to bring the world of PlayDapp, to even more users. And with a guaranteed view exposure of 50,000,000 we’re sure that this will spread DozerFriends, CryptoDozer, and DozerBird even further into the mainstream. Helping to push Blockchain Gaming even more into the forefront.

Mojitok is an AI-based service that analyzes messages to users around the world and automatically recommends emoticons that fit the context. Through the Google engine ‘Tenor’, we have signed a contract to supply content to Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and others.

It’s an exciting step, and we can’t wait for everyone to see them in action! Here’s a sneak peek of the cuteness. But we really suggest checking them out in all their GIF glory at the end of the article.

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