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PlayDapp and Samsung C&T Resort Division create Everland Metaverse combining virtual space with the real-world resort.

▶️ Working together to create a metaverse ecosystem using ‘Everland’ IP, a globally recognized theme park, by utilizing PlayDapp, Metaverse and Blockchain NFT technology.

▶️ PlayDapp x Everland plan to introduce an experience in which the virtual world and the real world become one, with an NFT service that connects virtual space + reality.

[2022, March 24th] Blockchain service platform PlayDapp announced on the 24th that it had signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for strategic business collaboration with Samsung C&T Resort Division.

Through this contract, the two companies will build a metaverse using “EVERLAND,” a globally recognized theme park, and further expand PlayDapp’s NFT (Non-Fungible Token) service that combines the virtual and real-world with multilateral cooperation.

PlayDapp opened its Roblox-based metaverse ‘PlayDapp Land’ in December of last year and introduced a service linking the metaverse and NFT (Non-Fungible Token) to 700 million Roblox users around the world.

Through this strategic business collaboration, the ‘Everland Metaverse (tentative name)’, to be created in the first half of this year, will feature 40 popular Everland attractions, including the wooden coaster ‘T-Express’. Together we plan to create a true metaverse that encompasses the real and virtual worlds by creating the easily recognizable content of Everland.

PlayDapp business manager Sang Chung said, “Once ‘Everland Metaverse’ is opened, users of the Metaverse can acquire various NFTs that can be used in Everland through play. Offline users will be able to experience the blending of the virtual world and the real world by visiting Everland and receiving various items redeemable in ‘Everland Metaverse.’ said Jeong Sang Chung.

Samsung C&T Resort Group said, “Starting with Everland, we plan to expand the metaverse ecosystem to include Caribbean Bay and golf courses. Expand new customer experiences by further accelerating digital transformation using park infrastructure such as Tulip Art NFT and Robot Cafes to expand into new customer experiences.”



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