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PlayDapp signs an NFT Development Agreement with Mom’s Touch Burger Chain

PlayDapp to collaborate on NFT business with Mom’s Touch, the №1 burger franchise in Korea

Introducing a unique service that links online and offline experiences using NFT and Metaverse technology to strengthen digital contact points among the youth demographic, a major customer segment of Mom’s Touch

[March 28, 2022] Blockchain service platform PlayDapp announced on the 28th that it has signed a business agreement with local burger and chicken brand Mom’s Touch to develop NFT. The two companies plan to collaborate in various fields through this partnership, such as creating digital content of Mom’s Touch by combining PlayDapp’s NFT and Metaverse technology.

Non-fungible token (from now on to be referred to as ‘NFT’), refers to a technology that grants rarity and ownership to photos, videos, pictures, and game items using blockchain technology that cannot be forged. It is gaining attention as a new digital asset and investment tool for Millennials and Gen Z who express their individuality and identity through consumption.

PlayDapp plans to provide differentiated experiences to users with a service that crosses online and offline domains by expanding its business territory through F&B services, games, IP (intellectual property rights), and theme parks that combine NFT and metaverse technology.

A Mom’s Touch official notes, “NFT has recently emerged as a hot topic in the retail industry with popularity exceeding that of art and games and is already being recognized by the younger generation as a digital asset with entertaining elements. We will accelerate business expansion that incorporates NFT by introducing NFT for the first time in the burger industry to increase customer loyalty and apply it to actual businesses that include marketing.”

“We expect PlayDapp’s NFT technology to join ‘Mom’s Touch,’ which has the largest chain of stores in the domestic burger franchise market. We will also consider providing user-centered services and special benefits through a new business model that connects online and offline experiences,” says Sang Chung, head of business at PlayDapp.

Meanwhile, PlayDapp provides NFT marketplace services among individuals based on blockchain technology. It pursues multi-homing services that incorporate blockchain technology into games, IP, F&B, and theme parks. It has established its competitiveness by being the first Korean firm to be listed on Binance, Coinbase, and other global virtual asset exchanges.



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