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PlayDapp signs partnership agreement with Korean Game Developer CLAF

Blockchain service platform PlayDapp (CEO Brian Choi) has signed a partnership contract with Korean game developer CLAF (CEO Choi Yong-seok) to realize mutual benefits in blockchain gaming.

CLAF is a Korean game developer with a core team who has over 10 years of development experience developing games for various platforms such as mobile and VR.

With this contract, PlayDapp provides its self-developed PlayDapp SDK to three flagship CLAF games.

By using the PlayDapp SDK it becomes easy for developers to introduce NFT systems and technology to existing games.

The PlayDapp SDK is an API (Application Programming Interface) blockchain game service solution that allows traditional game developers to introduce blockchain game services into their existing games.

Through the PlayDapp SDK service, developers can easily integrate features such as NFT creation (Mint), deletion (Burn), and transfer, and are also able to gain access to PlayDapp Town character art resources.



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