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PlayDapp strategically invests in KlayCity

Far-reaching cooperation across blockchain business; focused on KlayCity and NFT.

▶After the launch of the KlayCity Land Bridge, the “KlayCity Land NFT Exclusive Hall” will be opened on the PlayDapp Marketplace,

▶Blockchain game service platform ‘PlayDapp’ announced on the 15th February 2022 its strategic investment in the LandFi metaverse project KlayCity.

[2022–02–15] With this strategic investment decision, PlayDapp and Klaycity plan to promote cooperation in all directions in the Metaverse and blockchain business, centering on the LandFi Metaverse and PlayDapp NFT Marketplace using NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens).

PlayDapp is a dApp game portal that provides a peer-to-peer (C2C) NFT marketplace based on blockchain technology. By incorporating NFT technology, we are providing a portfolio of ‘multi-homing games’ so that gamers’ usage records can be used in various ways in other games, metaverses, and blockchain platform spaces.

KlayCity is a LandFi metaverse platform and has previously attracted investment from Kakao’s blockchain investment affiliate ‘Crust’ and Hong Kong’s famous blockchain game company ‘Animoca Brands’.

In particular, during the KlayCity Presale held on the 10th, 900 mint passes were sold out in about three seconds, showing a high level of interest. Post-launch as NFT the highest tier 1 NFT was traded for $100,000. Currently, KlayCity’s Land NFT can be purchased from NFT trading platform OpenSea and KlayCity’s own marketplace. PlayDapp’s Marketplace opens the way for more users to join and grow the system.

KlayCity CEO Jake Choi said, “After launching the KlayCity NFT Bridge, we plan to open a dedicated KlayCity Land NFT hall on the PlayDapp Marketplace and cooperate in various fields such as joint development of games using the NFT”.

Sang Chung, Head of PlayDapp’s business said, “We have made this strategic investment to further solidify strategic cooperation while highly appreciating KlayCity’s growth potential. We expect synergy in the blockchain business using NFT between the two companies in the future.”




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