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PlayDapp Town: Description of NFT character grades and composition polygon version

Hello, this is Ryan from PlayDapp. The PlayDapp Town NFT presale is full of awesome NFT, spread across Ethereum and Polygon. I hope you’re as excited as I am. In this guide, I’ll explain the NFT character grade, composition for the polygon version of NFT.

In this NFT pre-sale, there are three grades of characters: R/SR/SSR grade with SSR being the highest value as it’s the final stage of the PlayDapp Town Character.

If you collect all 6 low-grade characters and combine them, you will get 1 higher grade NFT character randomly.

As an example, you can create 1 random SSR grade character if you collect and combine 6 SR grade characters.

This combination function is scheduled to open in June.

Due to the high gas fee issue of Ethereum, only SSR grades can be obtained in the Ethereum version, and characters of all grades can be obtained with the polygon version. At this time, it is possible to swap between the Ethereum SSR level and the polygon SSR level of the same character. The swap function is expected to open around June-July 2021.

NFT characters purchased from the presale will be used to acquire limited-edition special items in future PlayDapp games. After that, you can level up the acquired item or character, or enhance it after combining it to increase its value and then trade it again on the NFT Marketplace.

For PlayDapp, the interconnected nature of NFTs is the driving force behind its entire ecosystem of games.

The PlayDapp Town NFT sold in this presale will have multiple uses across PlayDapp’s games. These NFT could be used in ways such as unlocking better game mechanics and experiences in CryptoDozer & DozerBird, or when used in upcoming blockchain game Along with the Gods: Knights of the Dawn as powerful in-game runes or enhancements. Not only that but PlayDapp Town Playz NFT can be used in upcoming Metaverse games.



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