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PlayDapp Town NFT Pack Sale

We're making it easier for new players to enter the fun of Along With the Gods’ P2E.

PlayDapp Gamers, it’s been exciting times with the launch of Along with the Gods’ P2E server! We’ve been amazed to see all the awesome hard work that players have been putting in. Not only that but we’ve been listening to all player feedback.

We’re working on making playing Along with the Gods P2E as smooth as possible. We’ve also been listening to the hurdles of new players. We know that a healthy game ecosystem relies on new players entering. With that in mind, we are launching a time-limited PlayDapp Town PLAYZ NFT sale.

Read on for details, or use these quick links to jump to each section:

🔗Packs for sale, 🔗NFT Limit, 🔗Time Limit, 🔗Daily Sale limit, 🔗Weekly price

PlayDapp Town PLAYZ NFT sale — Details

Three Packs for Sale

We’ll be selling three distinct packs, all of which will be available for just PLA. That means if you’re not a holder yet, you should get yourself PLA on the Polygon network, check the guide below for details.

Pack one: R pack. A full set of six R grade PlayDapp Town PLAYZ NFTs. These can be merged into a higher grade SR NFT and then staked.

Pack two: SR random pack. This pack has three random SR grade PlayDapp Town PLAYZ NFTs. Ready for you to use for staking for daily rewards.

Pack three: SSR random pack. This pack has one Random SSR grade PlayDapp Town PLAYZ NFT. Ready for you to use for staking for weekly rewards.

All PLA earned from these pack sales will be put back into the P2E PLA winner pool. Meaning that if you play well, you’ll be able to earn any spent PLA back!

A limited number of NFTs*

Each day of sale, each pack will have a daily sale limit. You’ll see that each pack is limited in the number available.

During our PlayDapp Town PLAYZ NFT sale, we’ll be limiting the number of NFT sold. This, along with the sale being time-limited, is how we plan to maintain fairness for the market and player-to-player sales. Remember we want new players in and established players happy.

During the NFT sale period, a total of 3,000 SR grade PlayDapp Town PLAYZ NFTs will be sold. When split into new players and allowed for staking this means we can allow for up to 1,000 new stakers into the game.

Limited sale time of NFTs

No matter what, sell-out or not sell a single one, the PlayDapp Town PLAYZ NFT sale will be limited to an eight-week run.

From November 16th the countdown starts.

By running for a limited time we aim to allow the player to player market to be healthy in the long term. Remember we want new players in and established players happy.

Daily refresh, even if NFT remain

PlayDapp Town PLAYZ NFT listed for sale will refresh daily at UTC 00:00 daily. PlayDapp won’t be topping up the number for sale, simply resetting the number for sale each day, regardless of the number of unsold leftover NFTs.

NFT Sale Price

To help new players enter the world of staking, we’ll be setting the price of NFT at 90% of the previous week’s market price. This allows a close entry point and with the limited number of daily sales we aim to maintain the health of the Player Market.

Prices for packs will be reset weekly, and the first week’s price has been fixed as follows:

R pack 67 PLA
SR pack — 215 PLA
SSR pack — 185 PLA

This has been arrived at by taking an average sale price of PlayDapp Town PLAYZ NFT and converting it to Dollars then to PLA at 14.11.21 UTC 23:59.

Each week, prices will be reset to allow for new players to enter and to allow for minimal disruption for the established marketplace.

Go and grab some of these limited PlayDapp Town PLAYZ NFTs now!

*Number of NFT sold may be adjusted due to market conditions, to allow for a balance of accessibility for new players.

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