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PlayDapp X JDB Entertainment partnership

Famous comedians Kim Dae-hee and Kim Jun-ho’s virtual world will be created in the Metaverse

▶️ PlayDapp will build a Korean version of the pair’s comedy world on the social community-based metaverse ‘PlayDapp Land’, enjoyable by anyone.

▶️ PlayDapp plans to build a comedy world where ordinary people and comedians can communicate and enjoy comedy together in the Roblox-based metaverse ‘PlayDapp Land’.

[2022–02–08] PlayDapp is diversifying its business using the Metaverse’s latest game, ‘PlayDapp Land’.

Blockchain service platform PlayDapp (CEO Brian Choi) announced on the 7th that it has signed a partnership with Korean comedy content producer JDB Entertainment.

With this contract, PlayDapp will build ‘JDB World (tentative name)’ in ‘PlayDapp Land’ recently released on the metaverse platform Roblox. ‘JDB World’ will allow the general public and comedians to work together and come up with a comedy. The plan is to prepare metaverse content where you can enjoy and participate in performances.

JDB Entertainment is a comprehensive management company that includes top Korean entertainers such as Kim Dae-hee, Kim Jun-ho, and Park Na-rae, and provides various content through platforms such as broadcasting, performances, and social networking services (SNS).

‘PlayDapp Land’ is a social community-based metaverse that can be enjoyed by anyone. Released on Roblox in December of 2021. With pick-up and play mini-game spaces such as hide-and-seek, all of which include cute avatars based on PlayDapp’s NFT (Non-Fungible Token) characters.

Lee Kang-hee, CEO of JDB Entertainment, said, “We are delighted to be able to build a Korean version of the Metaverse World of Comedy with PlayDapp, who are leading the response to the rise of the metaverse industry and attracting attention as a key axis of the 4th industrial revolution.” The two companies will work together to promote the excellence of Korean comedy by introducing high-quality comedic content within the Roblox ‘PlayDapp Land’.”

Sang Chung, Head of PlayDapp’s business said I am delighted to have formed a partnership with JDB Entertainment, which includes famous comedians leading the Korean comedy business. When JDB World is established within PlayDapp Land, we expect a dedicated Comedian’s Corner, a global “open mic comedy, area” he said. “We plan to make efforts to expand ‘PlayDapp Land’ Metaverse’s business and diversify contents through various business alliances in the future.”

Additionally, PlayDapp provides dApp game portals and metaverse content along with C2C NFT marketplaces based on blockchain technology. By incorporating NFT technology, PlayDapp provides a portfolio of user-centered “multi-homing games” that can use gamers’ usage records in various ways in other games, metaverses, and blockchain platform spaces.




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