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PlayDapp’s NFT Merge is Live!

Grab those PLAYZ NFT, and boost their value! Try any of three Merge systems to win massive amounts of PLA, and other game goodies!

PlayDapp gamers, today is the day! PlayDapp’s Merge function is now live! Even better, for this initial period, while we build out the supported NFT categories Merge is 100% free, just cover the gas fee for the contract interaction!

Upgrade your PlayDapp NFT, boost their value and gain awesome rewards for doing so! With PlayDapp’s awesome merge events, win rare and valuable NFT, PLA just for trying, and in-game items for other PlayDapp games!

Here you’ll find all the details you need to understand PlayDapp’s new Merge function. Not only that but we’ve got three awesome events to help celebrate! So read on to get all the details and find out what you can win!

Click the images below to be taken to the right section, or simply read on for all the details.

What is Merge? — The basics.

Merge makes your NFTs more valuable. Specifically, Merge will make your PlayDapp Town NFT (PlAYZ NFTs) more valuable. You’ve probably noticed that all of our PLAYZ NFTs have a rarity rank. Now, with Merge, you can upgrade them into higher ranks, all the way to SSR!

Why Should I Merge My NFT?

PlayDapp’s NFTs are intended to be interoperable. That’s our mission, and we are building a marketplace that connects different games, by letting you seamlessly use and trade your NFTs.

NFT from one game will unlock experiences from others. The higher the rank of the NFT the more rewarding it is when used interoperably!

Right now PlayDapp has two types of Merge functions…

One is Merge, which is PlayDapp’s standard merge function, that will always work and be available to merge and upgrade your NFT.

Merge requires 6 lower-rank NFTs. Combine these into one higher rank NFT. For example. six R grade PLAYZ NFT can become one SR grade PLAYZ NFT. Or six SR grade PLAYZ NFT can become one SSR grade NFT.

We’ve also got the “Joker” system which is a function where you can use a Dragon Blood NFT(DRGNZ NFT) in place of any R grade NFT, super useful if you don’t have a full set of six PLAYZ NFT!

The next Merge system is Event Merge. This is a special time-limited event. It won’t be around forever, so make sure you take advantage of it while you can.

In Event Merge, you’ll be able to merge any two R-rank NFT for a special reward.

More details on both Merge types can be found at:

Event 1 — PLA for all. $5 of PLA just for trying any merge system 💵

Event one is real simple, all you need to do to be in with a shot of grabbing $5 worth of free PLA is try either of PlayDapp’s two merges.

Make one merge, be that Event Merge or simple Merge and you’ll be automatically entered into the prize draw.

PlayDapp will automatically contact the winners of Event One via their verified email. PlayDapp will also announce all winners of events in a wrap-up article once our Merge Launch Events are over.

Full Details for Event one can be found here:

Event 2 — Become the King of Merging 👑

Event two rewards you for taking part in any merge. That’s right, not only can you boost the value of your NFT, adding more potential use later, but you’ll also be able to get some serious rewards too!

For every merge you make, be that the standard Merge or the time-limited Event Merge you’ll be given a ranking point. The more merges you do, the more Merge Points you’ll be given.

There are some awesome amounts of PLA ready to be given away. We’ve got prizes for anyone that ranks in the top 100. So you’ve got plenty of chances to grab some PLA.

We’ve got $800 worth of PLA for third place and $1,200 worth of PLA for second place. Of course, the biggest PLA prize goes to to the number one merger.

Beat everyone else and you’ll claim an eye-watering $1,500 worth of PLA! Not a bad reward for boosting the utility of your NFT!

Making it even easier, the PlayDapp MarketPLAce will track all your merges automatically, meaning you don’t have to worry about anything other than merging away!

You can check your standing in the King of Merging event on our Rankings page, just click below.

Full Details for Event two can be found here:

Event 3 — Along with the Gods Coupon Collaboration ⚔️

PlayDapp is all about interoperable experiences and helping to promote crossplay in all our games. So event three will help you experience another great PlayDapp game.

We’re giving anyone that registers on the PlayDapp MarketPLAce and verifies their email address an awesome boost to Along with the Gods: Knights of the Dawn. This is PlayDapp’s blockchain release, a deep mobile RPG with collectible, tradeable NFT Heroes and Runes.

Simply connect your wallet to PlayDapp’s polygon marketplace, verify your email address, try any merge and we’ll send you a $50 coupon for Along with the Gods.* To help boost your NFT earning in another PlayDapp game.

Full Details for Event three can be found here:

We’re really excited for Merge to start giving you more value and more utility for your PLAYZ NFT. This launch of Merge helps us to get one step closer to a truly unique interoperable and rewarding ecosystem.

These three Merge Events are stacked full of rewards and we’re sure by using either Merge system you’ll get a powerful new NFT, so now is the time to unlock the future of your NFT.

Good luck, and win big!



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