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Along with the Gods Play to earn 2.0 is coming!

PlayDapp will be operating an NFT Buyback system available for all PLAYZ owners.

PLAYZ NFTs stacked in Item Manager will now have a ‘Durability’ meter which degrades over time while they are Staking. Starting from 100, the Durability of a PLAYZ NFT affects how much a player can earn from Staking, and once a PLAYZ NFT’s Durability reaches 0 it is no longer able to earn PLA rewards from Staking and will change the Staking status of a player from On to Off.


Players will be presented with the option of either unstaking their PLAYZ NFTs or using the Migration portal for their PLAYZ NFTs, which will convert them to the new PLAYZ system.

Players who unstake can get a Buyback fee for their PLAYZ NFTs based on Marketplace prices of 300 PLA for SR PLAYZ and 400 PLA for SSR PLAYZ NFTs.

Prices have been set by taking the avearge price point of NFT across the previous week’s trading at the marketplace.

Players who keep Staking their PLAYZ NFTs will receive special bonuses as well.

Players can Repair the Durability of a PLAYZ NFT by using PLA on a cost per unit of lost Durability basis. R-grade PLAYZ NFTs now have further utility

For a full breakdown of the new system and how this will affect players you can read the guide here:

Exact details of the Buyback process will be announced soon.

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