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PLAYZ NFT Buyback Guide

Your complete guide to the Buyback process, live from April 6th to May 6th, with step-by-step instructions

This guide will explain how and why the PLAYZ NFT Buyback is occurring, with full details on how to go through the Buyback process.

Buybacks will start on 04/06/2022, the same day P2E 2.0 launches, and will run for 30 days until 05/06/2022 (April 6th to May 6th)

Buyback Overview

PlayDapp will be operating a PLAYZ NFT Buyback program as Play-to-Earn 2.0 launches. We made this decision to allow players who do not wish to participate in the new Play-to-Earn system a fair and expedient exit point, and exit with a transparent return on any purchased NFT.

Offering Buybacks at market average prices provides players who wish to stop staking with the most convenient and fair solution to recouping costs for their PLAYZ NFTs (market average prices determined 03/16/2022 -03/23/2022)

PLAYZ NFT Buybacks will start on 04/06/2022.

Players will receive 300 PLA for SR NFTs and 400 PLA for SSR NFTs

After 1 month (30 days) from the date of launch, the Buyback page will be discontinued, Buyback payments will be issued, and Buybacks will cease being operated on the PlayDapp website.

Changes in P2E 2.0

Players can earn up to 5 PLA per day from Daily Quests and 7000 PLA per week from PvP by staking PLAYZ NFTs and playing Along with the Gods in Play-to-Earn 2.0.

In Play-to-Earn 2.0, players will also no longer need to stake an SSR PLAYZ NFT for rewards. SSR PLAYZ NFTs will instead bestow 10 extra Major Arena Tickets per day.

PLAYZ NFTs, when staked in Item Manager, will now have a ‘Durability’ meter which degrades over time while they are Staking.

PLAYZ NFT Durability will only decrease while Staked in Item Manager, and 0 Durability NFTs will only be affected within Item Manager, they will not be burned or otherwise affected as NFTs.

Starting from a top point of 100, the Durability of a PLAYZ NFT affects how much a player can earn from Staking, and once a Staked PLAYZ NFT’s Durability reaches 0 it is no longer able to earn PLA rewards from Staking and will change the Staking status of a player from On to Off.

There are also additional changes to the P2E system such as staked SSR NFTs no longer being required for Major Arena Rewards.

For a full overview on changes you can read the following guide:

How to Buyback

  1. Head to and connect your wallet
  2. You must have valid SR and SSR PlayDapp Town NFTs in the wallet that is connected and registered to the PlayDapp MarketPLAce.
  3. When you press the Request Buyback button, you will have a full list of Buyback-able PlayDapp Town NFTs
  4. Select a valid NFT to begin the Buyback process and confirm the Buyback. Each NFT must go through this process individually. You will require MATIC for gas fees for each transaction.
  5. If you have successfully applied for a Buyback, you will be informed of the NFT’s name and token ID and your request will be reviewed by PlayDapp.

[Important Notes]

1. Due to the nature of the blockchain network, the NFT Buybacks can only be done via individual transactions.

2. Once the Buyback is in progress, reverting your decision is not possible.

3. Your Buyback amount will be delivered directly to your wallet after the end of the Buyback, after the validation process.

4. The Buyback validation process may take up to 7 days (note that this is just for validation, payments will be issued after the Buyback period elapses).

5. You can only apply for a Buyback within the specified Buyback period (May 6th 2022 05/06/2022 UTC 00:00) via the official Buyback page on You will not be able to apply for a Buyback after this deadline. Buybacks will stop being available and users will not receive payments for any Buyback applications after this deadline.



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