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PLAYZ NFT SSR Random Pack Sale is coming!


We have a plan to make a sale of SSR Grade PLAYZ NFT on Aug 9th, 2022.

Players can stake this NFT on ‘Along with the Gods’ P2E and Season Server via Item Manager to receive 10 extra Arena Tickets as a reward.

As we opened the Season Server, you can challenge two PvP Arenas on both servers, P2E and Season, where you can earn more PLA rewards, up to 121,000PLA! To provide more users the chance to get rewards, we will open Playz NFT SSR Grades Sale!

Obtaining a ticket is an opportunity to achieve a higher rank on a battlefield. Take more opportunities to gain the upper hand in the battle against heroes and become the hero of PLA rewards!

SSR Random Pack

This pack has one Random SSR grade PlayDapp Town PLAYZ NFT.

SSR Grade PLAYZ NFT Random Pack Sales!

Schedule: Aug 9th at 2:00 am (UTC+0)
Supply: 500
Price: 498 PLA (polygon network)

※ If all are sold out, it will end.
※ Please note that you can buy as many NFTs as you want regardless of the wallet address.


We have prepared a “secret” bonus reward for those who purchased SSR grade PlayDapp Town NFT through this sale! We will announce more details through our Discord and Medium blog so keep your eyes on us!




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