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Python Raid Guide

Slay the Shadow of the Dark!

Hello Knights! We’re back with another Raid guide for you, this time we’ll be giving you all the info you need to dominate the Python Raid! If you missed out on our previous guide to the Havok, Pantahras, Nhumer and Kraken Raids you can read them here:

Python Overview

Python is an Earth Melee Raid Boss and is considered the most difficult and powerful Raid Boss in the game. Even his mid-level stages can be as difficult as Level 13 stages from other Raid Bosses and high-level Python Raids can be considered as part of the endgame content in Along with the Gods. You will need your team to be at its best to have a chance against Python.

The rewards match the challenge though, as Python drops the most powerful and coveted type of Rune in the game, Philosopher Runes. Philosopher Runes when applied in a Set of 2 grant 10% Energy at the start of a battle. If you have a team of Heroes equipped with 2 Philosopher Runes, you start the battle with 50% Energy, giving you a massive advantage in battle, especially in PvP.

You’re definitely going to want to work on mastering the Python Raid to obtain Philosopher Runes. Read on to find out how!

Python’s Skills and Passives

Python hits hard and fast! He also has several methods to defend himself while hindering you with a multitude of debuffs. The most notable of these is his Distorted Shield, which makes him immune to all damage for 45 hits, while also inflicting magic damage and increasing your skill cooldown by 3 turns. Python, despite nominally being a Melee Hero, hits from both sides of the Physical and Magic damage spectrum and carries numerous harsh debuffs, which adds to the trickiness of the battle.

Python’s first Auto Skill, Shadow Slash, inflicts Physical damage on all enemies while decreasing its targets’ Attack Power by 30% and their Received Recovery by a massive 300%.

His second, Auto Grim Reaper’s Attack, inflicts Physical damage on all enemies. As well as decreasing targets’ acquired Energy by 100% for 6 seconds and their Accuracy by 75% for 4 seconds.

Distorted Shield will likely form the crux of the battle and your strategy against Python, and the battle will revolve around bringing down his Distorted Shield.

Python’s Passives are as daunting as his Skills. His first Passive, Critical Wound inflicts regular Physical damage with a 17% chance to inflict 25% of its target’s Max HP with every basic attack.

His second Passive, Distorted Body, grants Python a 40% increase to his Critical Hit Damage as well as an Attack Speed increase of 100%.

Recommended Heroes


Patricia is the most popular Hero in Level 13 of the Python Raid. Confirming her status as one of the very best Heroes to use in the Python Raid. Patricia possesses several highly valuable Skills and Passives that set her apart from her peers. She combines powerful debilitating debuffs with high damage, crushing the opposition. Her skills increase the cooldown of enemy attacks and decrease enemy Attack speed and Energy acquisition, which will help slow Python down while damaging him.

Read more about Patricia, and how best to use her in her Hero Spotlight:


Lin is one of the very best Heroes in the game when it comes to taking on Raid Bosses and she’s a great asset to have in the Python Raid. Her attacks are not only extremely powerful by themselves, boosted by her passive, but they also inflict bonus HP% damage which is crucial against Raid Bosses. Lin can also Armor Break enemies, reducing their Physical Defense by 100%, softening them up for herself and other Physical attackers to deal huge amounts of damage. Lin also has skills that hit multiple times, a crucial component when trying to bring down Python’s shield.

Lin is a hero that all players should be using, especially as she’s attainable freely in the Temple of Heroes through Hero Combination.

You can read more about Lin in our Hero Spotlight article here:

Lizzy is another Ranged Hero who will be incredibly useful in the Python Raid. Not only does she have an Attribute advantage as a Fire Hero, but she also possesses a number of Skills and Passives that are well-suited to taking down Python. Her Skills hit multiple times, her Active skill stacks damage for each consecutive hit while her first Active hits 3 times with guaranteed Critical Hits, which helps bring down Python’s shield. All of this is coupled with Statuses such as Bleed, Burn and Slowdown. When Transcended, she becomes one of the most effective anti-Python Heroes in the game. Luther is a viable alternative if you don’t have Lizzy yet.

Prospera’s kit provides a ton of buffs to her teammates while also dealing large amounts of damage. Her Leader Skill is also one of the best in the entire game as she boosts your backline’s HP by 50% each, which makes a huge difference to the durability of herself and her teammates. This Leader Skill is especially helpful against a tough Raid Boss like Python. She also boosts your team’s Attack Speed and Critical damage while granting herself the Vampire Effect with her Passive Adrenalin.


Glen is currently the best Melee Hero in the game and he shows off the full extent of his powers in the Python Raid. Glen hits multiple times with his Skills, and they carry a range of useful Effects. Glen can cause Bleed with his attacks, procure a shield for himself that blocks all Physical damage for 5 seconds, increase his own Attack Power by 30% and the more HP he loses the higher his Attack becomes!

Lucius is another top-tier Melee Hero in the same league as Glen. As a Darkness Attribute Hero, Lucius has the luxury of being usable in every single Raid and with his overall power he more than makes up for his lack of Attribute advantage against Python. He possesses a HP% attack which helps make him even more effective against Raid Bosses, as well as several powerful attacks with nice debuffs and effects.

Ereth is a Fire Melee Hero who you’ll be familiar with if you’re a Minor Arena enthusiast. Ereth has a great kit with high damage, limited AoE attacks that can inflict crippling Status afflictions, remove all beneficial effects on a target and buff his own attack by 30%. Ereth’s skills are great by themselves but the animations he performs when executing his skills also grant him several frames of invulnerability (i-frames). As Ereth teleports around the battlefield terrorizing his enemies, they’ll find him difficult to pin down and hit. This also helps make Ereth less frail than other DPS Heroes.

You can read more about Ereth in his Spotlight:

Mei shines in the Python Raid, as both a Fire attribute Hero, and a powerful Ancient God Hero, and should be strongly considered for use by anyone who owns her. Her attacks not only do a large amount of damage they also have a range of powerful effects including inflicting Silence and blocking Beneficial Effects. Many of her attacks also have the Vampire Effect, so she can heal herself through her own damage.


Blith is one of the best Tanks in the game and is a strong candidate for the role of Tank in the Python Raid. Blith is an amazing all-round Tank and rivals any 5-star Hero despite being a natural 4-star Hero. He provides good healing and support from the frontline. Packing multiple healing Skills and shield skills, Blith fits more into the meat shield archetype, and won’t provide much in the way of offense. Accordingly, you’ll need to partner him with some other heavy hitters. He is an exceptional damage sponge and functions almost as an auxiliary Support hero.

Phoenix is often neglected when talking about the elite Heroes of the game, but he’s a top Hero in the Python Raid. Phoenix provides a variety of shields to protect his teammates and blunts the opponent’s Attack Power with his auto skills, and is a sturdy Tank with an attribute advantage over Python. His Active skill Shield protects 3 allies and increases their Physical Defense by 50%. His passive Elemental King’s Dignity increases his resistance to Harmful Effects by 30%, making him less susceptible to Python abilities.

Morox is a Fire Tank Hero, and definitely worth a look when making your team against Python. He provides a range of useful buffs to the team. Morox inflicts Stun and Slowdown on his enemies while also reducing their Physical Defense by 50% and provides a Physical Shield and 30% Attack Speed buff to his allies.

The only Water attribute Hero on the recommended list but Atmos is just that good. Atmos provides a damage shield for her allies which is very helpful, but her biggest asset is her ability to remove all harmful effects on all allies with her Active skill, granting them immunity from all harmful effects for 5 seconds. Plus, she also has a 15% chance to remove a harmful effect on all allies whenever she’s attacked. This makes her invaluable in protecting your team against Python’s damage and debuffs, despite her attribute disadvantage.


Styx isn’t as pure of a healer as Kadus or Divana but is still a powerful Support hero to use in the Pantahras Raid. He debuffs his enemies and buffs your team, with his biggest buff reducing the team’s Skill Cooldown by two turns, and throws in a moderate amount of healing. His various debuffs will hinder Python and assist your heavy hitters to unleash their skills. His Leader Skill is also very useful as it increases the Attack and Magic Attack of your backline by 20%.

Kadus is a perfect Support hero for the Python Raid with his diverse support skills and attribute advantage. He possesses multiple healing skills to provide a steady stream of HP for his allies, a damage blocking shield, the ability to strip his enemies of beneficial effects and he can remove up to two harmful effects at a time from each of his allies.

Divana is one of the best Support Heroes in the game and is very defensively inclined compared to other Support Heroes like Styx. Her Skills focus only on healing, shields and buffing her teammates. She provides healing for 30% of an allies’ max HP%, and a shield that blocks all damage with her Active Skill, when this shield is timed correctly it can be a lifesaver. She also boosts the team’s Attack and Defense which is useful against Python as he hits with a lot of Physical Attacks and inflicts Attack Reduction on members of your team.

Marcus is another Earth Support Hero who provides healing and team buffs, but is distinct from Divana in how he supports his team. Marcus’ Active Skill heals his allies for 30% of their Max HP while also granting them the Vampire Effect, he also boosts your team’s Energy Acquisition. Marcus is an outstanding Support Hero, but he is unable to remove Harmful Effects so keep that in mind.

Recommended Strategy vs. Python

When you look at Python’s stats you can see that his Physical and Magic Attack are similarly powerful and he hits with both. However, he predominantly uses Physical Skills so keep in this mind. Having a Tank or Support Hero who can withstand his Physical punishment while also supporting the rest of your team with Shields and Defense boosts is going to be vital.

His Physical Defense is also higher than his Magic Defense so it would be worthwhile to have some Magic Heroes with high DPS, however many Physical Attack based Heroes have Skills and Passives which make them equally as useful during the Python Raid, you’ll just have to deal with more debuffs from Python that affect Physical Attack Heroes.

Heroes who possess multi-hit Skills are going to be crucial in bringing down Python’s Shield as quickly as possible. Lizzy and Glen are two examples of Heroes with multi-hit Skills. As usual against Raid Bosses, having Heroes who can inflict HP% damage such as Lin is going to be very important too. Bleed and Poison can also help with residual damage, especially to keep the damage ticking over while his Distorted Shield is up, or to take him down before he can get his Shield up.

Additionally, having Support Heroes who can heal and shield your team from the large amounts of damage that Python inflicts will be important, as Python’s Skills target all enemies at once and can finish them all off at once. Equally as important will be helping shield or cleanse your team from the various debuffs and negative effects that Python will inflict on your team. These debuffs can halt all your offensive momentum and leave you helpless against Python. They also effect your Energy acquisition and Recovery, his 300% Recovery debuff can quickly debilitate your team, so dealing with these debuffs should be a priority.

Important debuffs that you can utilize and can help you against Python specifically are Weaken, Slowdown, Destroy Weapon and Cooldown Disruption.

We would recommend having at least one, if not two, Support Heroes against Python in conjunction with a Tank to deal with Python’s heavy damage output and debuffs. However, if you possess enough offensive firepower you can aim to kill Python off as quickly as possible before he gets his shield up, but this requires a team that is not only powerful offensively but still adequate enough in defense to survive Python. Choose the strategy that suits your personnel and their strength accordingly.

Let's sum it all up

Prioritize completion over anything else when making a Raid team. Nothing is worse than leaving an auto-battle run going and coming back to see that you wiped out.

Build a Raid team that is strong enough to successfully auto-battle the Raid Boss. Failing to auto clear a stage? Then add another support Hero for extra security.

Still failing to clear the Raid Boss? Change your composition, try a variation of heroes to make up for anything your current team is lacking.

If all else fails, just drop down a level in the Python Raid. You can use the lower level to learn and adjust your best Raid team.

We hope you enjoyed this guide and found it useful. Let us know the roster and strategy you use to fight Python or any other thoughts you may have in the comments!

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