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Race for Cerberus Event Winners

Who took home the prizes from our Race for Cerberus event?

The latest Along with the Gods Hero, Cerberus, was released into the wild and is a serious game changer!

A new Heavenly Hero has dropped! Cerberus, Hell’s Gatekeeper is a brand new natural 5-star Dark attribute Tank. Cerberus combines monstrous stats with an impeccable defensive Skill kit and Passives, and a great Leader Skill

To celebrate Cerberus’ release and reward our communities, we tasked you to “Race for Cerberus”. Asking players to compete to see who could either use or face Cerberus in the Arena before the event expired.

Are you on your way to a Cerberus?

Players did their part! Racing to face or use Cerberus and post the evidence in our communities. It’d be fair to say this was more a sprint than a marathon!

We saw players showing off their encounter with the beast within minutes of launch. Cerberus really is making his presence known. We picked two entrants from each community at random. Thanks to everyone that entered!

Event Winners

We had 6 Ancient God Hero Scrolls to give away! 2 winners each from our Discord, Facebook, and Twitter communities!

Discord Winners



Facebook Winners



Twitter Winners



You’ll see your Ancient God Scroll sent directly to your in-game inbox. If you’re reading this, then it’s already been sent on the P2E Server, go get that Ancient God!

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to everyone who participated! We’ll continue to host more events and give out more amazing prizes in the future for the Along with the Gods players.

Make sure to follow our socials to stay up to date with everything Along with the Gods and PlayDapp related, and for more chances to win!



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