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Soul Seeker 6th Knights: 10 Most Useful SR Heroes

Discover the best SR Heroes to use in Soul Seeker: 6th Knights

Hello Knights!

We’re back with another Soul Seeker: 6th Knights guide article! This edition we’ll be discussing the best SR Heroes in the game! Previously, we discussed the best and most underrated R Heroes in the game, which you can read here:

As we’ve stated previously, SSR Heroes aren’t the only Heroes you can use to be successful in SS6K. There are certain R and SR Heroes who will be just as useful for you as you progress through the game. Some are useful stopgaps while others will remain permanent cornerstones of your team. Read on to find out which SR Heroes you should be looking out for as you play!

Our Most Useful SR Heroes, in alphabetical order

Aerin is a Darkness Priest Hero and is a notable and useful SR Hero much like her Wind counterpart. Aerin is one of the better beginner Heroes for players looking to build a Darkness team as she provides a competent healer and support for other Darkness heroes. Her Immunity of Darkness skill is especially noteworthy as it removes Debuffs from an ally and heals them for a whopping 1020% of Aerin’s Magic Attack.

Wind teams are starting to dominate the PvP meta on several servers now, consequently many players may be tempted to jump on the bandwagon. Wind Aerin can be a useful stepping stone in forming a competitive Wind team. Especially as there currently remains only one pure healing SSR Wind Priest, Marien. Aerin provides a much needed alternative Magic based Hero, as Biccs is more of a Physical-oriented meat shield type Hero

Light Alex is a strong contender for the title of best SR Hero in Soul Seeker: 6th Knights. He’s incredibly versatile, being good in PvP and excellent in PvE, and his skills allow him to hang comfortably with rarer SSR Heroes. Alex’s Active Skill is incredibly powerful and boosts his Attack Speed by 83%. His single target prowess is especially evident in battles against Guild Raid Bosses, where he is considered one of the absolute best Guild Raid Boss slayers. Alex is an essential part of any Light focused team and can also slot into many mixed team compositions to great effect. He’s just that good.

Light Krusei is a powerful DPS Archer Hero. He is especially useful when combined with Ceal and their combination of skills can be devastating for enemies. Ceal boosts the team’s Attack and her Gravity skill forces enemies into a cluster, which combined with Krusei’s AOE skill can lead to huge amounts of damage being dealt in a very short time. Even without Ceal, Krusei is a deadly threat against groups of enemies and a great Archer.

Light Minne is a Bandit Hero with several useful characteristics. She possesses multiple skills which boost her own Attack and Attack Speed which can make her a strong offensive presence. Her Synergy Links are incredibly useful, with her Wind Fatima Synergy Link granting all Bandit Heroes a +10% DEX boost which can greatly benefit both Wind and Light teams. Minne is a decent Hero in her own right, especially for beginners, but she will likely end up forming an important part of your Sub heroes line-up.

Light Pan is a useful stopgap for Light players who are lacking one of the SSR Light Priest Heroes Marien, Dred or Tia. He’s much closer to Dred though in terms of the role he plays as a sort of hybrid Guardian/Priest Hero. He possesses sturdy defensive stats and decent healing and support skills which allow him to be a useful damage sponge throughout the early game and is a solid starter Priest Hero that many players will find helpful.

Darkness Serri is a tough-as-nails Darkness Guardian Hero who offers serious protection for any Darkness element focused teams. She’s a great Hero in her own right, especially for players who haven’t yet managed to summon Dred or Ram for their Darkness teams. She possesses multiple great defensive abilities that boosts her Defense, heals herself, knock down and Provoke enemies and can also reduce the amount of damage inflicted on allies. Serri is an all-round Guardian Hero who does a bit of everything.

Water Shana is a Bandit class Hero and one of the stronger Water Bandit heroes you can acquire. Her SR rarity means you can easily get and upgrade her and her abilities make her an effective offensive Hero. She possesses multiple Crowd Control effects such as pushback, Stun and knocking enemies into the air. She also boosts the Attack Speed of her Water element allies.

Water Tia will be an essential Hero for any of you planning to build a Water team, especially if you haven’t been lucky enough to summon a Water Serina, Water Tia can help bridge that gap. She’s like a watered down version of the SSR Light Tia. Tia provides a great blend of healing and team buffs and has access to the powerful Miracle of God skill which can revive a fallen Ally in battle with 50% HP.

Yura is a great Darkness Hero, irrespective of her SR rarity, and will be useful for you in the long run if you plan to proceed as a Darkness element player. Yura will provide beginning Darkness players with a reliable source of healing and debuffs . She also boosts Darkness allies’ Attack by 40.4% whenever she uses her Active Skill.

We hope you enjoyed this guide and that it helped open your eyes to the many viable and amazing SR Heroes in the game. Do you agree with our list? Let us know which SR Heroes you enjoy using in Soul Seeker: 6th Knights!



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