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Soul Seeker: 6th Knights HeroUpdate

Great new content is here! Two new SSR heroes, a new Adventure area and new equipment!

We’ve also launched our Official Discord server for players to hang out, discuss the game, and receive news and updates from us. Check it out here:

New SSR Heroes Eola and Dred Are Here

Eola is an Archer hero with deadly skills. She comes in both a Fire and Wind element version and is available for you to summon now!

Her primary skill, Dragon’s Rage, will terrorize enemy backlines with the ability to target the opponent with the highest Attack and Stun them for six seconds. She can also stack further debuffs on her opponents with 30% Attack Speed reduction and halving an enemy’s Defence. Eola can also buff herself by increasing her attack by 40% when she triggers a Critical Hit.

Dred may be a Priest class hero but he’s more than capable of beating up enemies himself! He comes in a Light and Dark element version. He’s more offensively focused than the typical Priest hero with his primary skill being an AOE physical attack. He also provides support to his allies with buffs and healing and debuffs his enemies. His Test of Faith skill is incredible, if Dred is hit with a debuff he’ll cancel it and recover his HP by 875.3% of his Attack!

Don’t miss out on your chance to summon these amazing heroes with rate-up banners!

Players will now have the chance to Adventure in our expanded map, with access to Niflheim, a destroyed dimension!

You now have the chance to acquire some awesome Finesse Set equipment! You’ll be able to do this by completing Adventure mode stages in Melted Nifilheim on Nightmare Difficulty.

Go check out this awesome new update for yourself in Soul Seeker: 6th Knights right now!

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