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Soul Seeker: 6th Knights Update Overview

New SSR hero, an Adventure mode expansion and new Guild Raid Bosses!

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Reje is a powerful SSR Wizard Hero with a Light and Water version. Both versions of Reje come with a set of powerful Magic attacks that not only deal great damage but have amazing Crowd Control effects such as Stun, Freeze and Silence too. Light Reje also possesses the powerful Circulation of Mana passive, which increases her Magic Attack by 38.5% when a Critical Hit is triggered.

If you’re using or building a Light or Water team we highly recommend adding Reje to your roster. Reje will be featured in a Summon Chance Up banner for her debut and it’s the perfect opportunity for you to obtain her!

We’ve added a new area for you to explore, Devastated Arcadia. Explore and conquer this new frontier, and uncover more of the epic Soul Seeker: 6th Knights story!

You can now obtain powerful Specter Set equipment as drop rewards from Devastated Arcadia stages in Adventure mode, on Nightmare difficulty. Specter equipment is especially powerful when used by Wizard class Heroes.

A powerful new Guild Raid Boss, Crushing Zelga, has been added to the game. Test your mettle and work together with your Guild to take on this new challenge. Does your Guild have what it takes to beat Crushing Zelga?

Go check out this awesome update in Soul Seeker: 6th Knights and experience the new Adventure mode expansion, plus all the other great new content available to you right now!

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