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Soul Seeker: 6th Knights Update Overview

New SSR heroes, new PvP mode and new content!

Soul Seeker the 6th Knights’ latest update is here and we’ve got all the details! Read on to find out everything about the new gameplay, content and heroes we’ve added!

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New Hero [SSR ‘Ram’]

Ram showing off her Fire and Dark side

Ram is a powerful SSR Defense Hero who comes in both Fire and Dark element versions. Ram comes with some powerful and useful abilities which make her an exciting addition to the game. Not only is she incredibly durable, especially against Magic Attacks, she also provides a huge range of debuffs against opponents. She’s a solid pick-up for anybody looking to run a Dark or Fire team.

Ram will appear in a Summon Chance Up Banner so don’t miss your chance to obtain her on debut!

New PvP mode ‘Royal Rumble’ Added

Royal Rumble is a new PvP mode where you’ll take part in 9v9 battles! Not only does this significantly increase the action and chaos from regular 4v4 Arena battles, but you’ll get a ton of great rewards from playing and your achievements during each Season! Make sure you devise new strategies to fit the unique format and the designated Buff Heroes for each Day and Season.

Royal Rumble Shop Added with New SSR Heroes

Three powerful new SSR Heroes are available exclusively from the Royal Rumble Shop!

Asan — A powerful Light Warrior

Asan is an extremely powerful Light Warrior Hero who is sure to become a central metagame figure and a fixture on every Light player’s team. He deals an obscene amount of damage with his attacking skills, which are amplified by powerful self-buffs and enemy debuffs.

Brina — A Powerful Dark Wizard

Brina is an awesome Dark Wizard hero. Brina is a master of buff and debuff manipulation and having her on your side will ensure your opponent will have difficulties sustaining their buffs and repelling debuffs, not to mention her heavy-hitting Magic Attacks that target all enemies. You can equip her with a set of Specter equipment to make her a huge threat to enemies.

Gaine — The Wind Bandit

Gaine is a powerful Wind Bandit hero who will easily find a place in any Wind player’s team and looks set to become a fixture in Arena mode. If you’re serious about creating a competitive Wind team, you’ll need to add Gaine to your team. Not only does he deal an extreme amount of damage with his skills, he also severely debuffs opponents. Boost his Evasion to transform him into a truly terrifying offensive threat. If you have a set of Death or Finesse equipment handy, Gaine is the perfect recipient for it!

Hero Transcendence Limit Raised

You can now raise your heroes through Transcendence from the previous limit of +10 at Level 80 all the way to +15 at Level 90! Start collecting those Transcendence Stones, because you’re going to need them!

New Temple of Armes Difficulty Level Added

A new sixth difficulty level, ‘Myth’, has been added to Temple Armes. Face a new challenge and defeat higher level enemies to earn even more Elemental Stones!

Go check out this awesome update in Soul Seeker: 6th Knights and experience the new Royal Rumble mode, plus all the other great new content available to you right now!

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