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Soul Seeker 6th Knights: Wind Team Analysis

Find out what makes Wind Element teams so dominant in today’s metagame

Hello Knights!

We’re back with another Soul Seeker: 6th Knights guide article! This time we’ll be discussing the current metagame. Specifically, how Wind Element teams are taking control of it.

Wind Team Breakdown

Wind teams are taking the meta by storm right now, so let’s break down how and why by looking at some key Wind Heroes.


The recently released Royal Rumble Shop Bandit Hero, Gaine, is the crown jewel of Wind teams. Gaine has quickly proven to be one of the very best Heroes in the game and is a one-man offensive wrecking ball. His Dimensional Twist Skill applies a Debuff Shield for 10 seconds while increasing Attack by 92% and Attack Speed by 65%. Time Thief deals damage while also stealing 3.5 seconds of Skill cooldown and when combined with Skill Cooldown Runes can grant Gaine the ability to constantly use Skills and boost his own Attack with no stoppages. Full Moon Slash provides some crowd control in Gaine’s kit, inflicting Stun for 3 seconds. These values are all at Skill Level 1 as well. Gaine’s Passive is incredibly powerful to boost his already ridiculously powerful kit. Time & Space Slice decreases enemies’ Attack and Magic Attack by 49.2% and Attack Speed by 60% for 20 seconds at the start of a battle.

Gaine can single-handedly overwhelm and destroy his enemies and makes his teammates' jobs much, much easier.


Fatima is a key Wind hero and has been established as one of the game’s top Heroes since the start of the game. She’s a powerful Bandit Hero who still holds up in today’s meta, providing great damage and crowd control. Her Dancing Blade Skill hits all opponents around her for 438.5% Physical Damage while causing Chaos for 4 seconds, while Cutting Ankle knocks opponents down providing Fatima with effective crowd control. Wrapping Blade targets the enemy with the highest Combat Power, dealing damage and inflicting Stun on them for 5 seconds. Fatima tops this off with her Passive Satisfying Retaliation which increases her Critical Hit Rate by 20% and Critical Hit Damage by 46.7% for 10 seconds whenever she evades an attack.


Eola is the premier Wind Archer Hero and is a crucial part of many Wind teams. She is especially deadly in PvP battles and against PvE mobs, with her powerful AoE Skill, Dragon’s Blade Wind. She also has powerful single-target Skills too, with Dragon’s Paralyzing Bite and Arrow of Marksmanship that inflicts major debuffs and damage to her opponents. Her passive Dragon’s Razor Claws tops off her incredible Skill set and increases her Attack by 40.3% for 10 seconds whenever a Critical hit is triggered.


Alex is another SSR Wind Archer Hero and isn’t far behind Eola in terms of overall power, and is incredibly viable in his own right. Some players might even prefer Alex over Eola, due to his capabilities in PvE, especially against Raid Bosses. His skills are tailored toward dealing large amounts of single-target damage. His Stylish Skill increases his Attack by 93% for 10 seconds and contributes greatly to his overall power and utility. Fast Shot hits a single target for 493.5% Physical Damage while pushing them back. Alex’s Passives greatly benefit both himself and his teammates. Detection of Weakness increases the Pierce stat of Wind allies by 28.4% for 15 seconds at the start of battles, while Opportunist increases Alex’s Critical Hit Damage by 74.7% for 10 seconds every 6th basic attack.


Marien is a fantastic healer and both her Wind and Light versions are incredibly viable within the current meta and are the best Priest Heroes for their respective Elements at this point in time. Marien provides powerful, consistent healing, shields as well as team buffs that can carry a team defensively. Songs of Nature applies a protective shield over her allies that negates damage up to 329.3% of her Magic Attack stat while Songs of Nature 2 is triggered whenever Songs of Nature is used and increases Wind Element heroes’ Attack Speed by 28.6% and Critical Hit Rate by 35% for 10 seconds. Melody of Rejuvenation heals the HP of all allies by 107% of her Magic Attack.


Angelo may only be an R-rarity Hero but he still has an important role to play in many Wind teams due to his valuable Synergy Link with Biccs. When paired in a team with Biccs he provides a powerful 15% Attack Speed Buff to all Wind Element Heroes. You can read more about Angelo in our previous guide to the best R-rarity Heroes:


Biccs is an SSR Priest class Hero who is a useful Sub Hero for Wind teams, especially with his aforementioned Synergy Link with Angelo. He combines aspects of both a healer and a tank, providing defensive protection as well as healing to his team. In contrast to Marien, Biccs’ abilities are based on his Physical Attack instead of his Magic Attack. Wind of Recovery is Biccs’ primary Skill, healing all allies for 472.8% of his Physical Attack, and Wind of Recovery 2 is triggered whenever Wind of Recovery is used and increases the Critical Hit Rate of Wind allies by 25.6% for 7 seconds. His secondary healing Skill, Windmill also deals Physical Damage to targets while restoring the HP of all allies. Biccs’ Passive Grace of Devils increases the Physical Defense of all allies by 43.6% for 8 seconds every 15 seconds.

Overall Wind Team meta

Wind Teams rely primarily on heavy-hitting, uniquely powerful Physical Attackers such as Gaine, Fatima and Eola working in tandem to obliterate opponents. Wind teams feature a lot of stat-boosting, particularly in the Critical and Attack Speed stats, which helps them to overwhelm their opponents with high DPS. The best Wind Heroes also tend to be designed for PvP supremacy while still being great PvE Heroes, with abilities that work well in both aspects.

Wind teams have a bit of flexibility with the Sub Heroes as well. With some Heroes added in for Synergy Links, Wind teams can receive a variety of powerful buffs that other Elements either don’t have or struggle to fit into their compositions. For instance, Fatima is already an automatic inclusion in Wind teams, and slotting SR Light Minne into the Sub Heroes is easy and well worth the trade-off for receiving +10% DEX to all Bandit Heroes, which greatly benefits Wind teams as they feature Gaine and Fatima.

Past, Present, and Future

There are multiple reasons why Wind teams have risen to dominance. We’ve analyzed the Heroes and what makes them so good but there are other factors at play. Despite requiring a lot of SSR Heroes, wind teams are relatively easy to build.

The most important Hero, Gaine, is obtainable for free, guaranteed, from the Royal Rumble Shop with in-game rewards from participating in the Royal Rumble mode, which makes him accessible for all players.

Fatima is also easily available, as she’s part of the First Purchase Bonus Package players receive for making any purchase within the game.

Taking a look at other non-PlayDapp Soul Seeker: 6th Knights servers, which are further ahead in terms of released Heroes, team power and metagame development, reveals that Wind teams are still significant actors in the meta and PvP rankings.

There are still many unreleased Heroes yet to come, and while there will be powerful, meta viable Heroes for all Elements, Wind teams look to be in pole position for the foreseeable future.

All this isn’t to say that Wind teams are unbeatable and that everyone should build one. You can still succeed with your chosen Element, particularly if you want to focus more on PvE. Other elements such as Light and Darkness can still compete, there are non-Wind players who reach the highest class of PvP rankings regularly. You can even turn this trend to your advantage by running a counter-meta team such as a Fire Element team.

We hope you enjoyed this meta-analysis article and found it insightful. What do you think? Do you think Wind teams will continue their reign or do you see a way for other Elements to rise back up? Which Element do you favor? Let us know in the comments!



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