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SS6K Dispatch Guide

A complete guide to all the different Dispatch game modes

Hello Knights! We’re back with another guide for Soul Seeker: 6th Knights. For this edition we’ll be explaining all the different modes available from the Dispatch menu, the benefits of playing each and some special tips!


The Arena is one of Soul Seeker: 6th Knight’s most challenging and rewarding modes because here your opponents will be other players. In this PvP battle mode you’ll face off against teams of heroes built by other players. In addition to your usual 6 heroes, in Arena mode you can add a 7th hero to your team to enter battle. This hero can’t be switched out and has no back-up slot, which means at any one time it will essentially be 4v4 on the battlefield. Some heroes become much less effective with an extra opponent on the field, so keep that in mind. This 7th hero adds yet another layer of strategy to battles and can give you access to new synergies and tactics.

Not only do you earn a sense of competitive pride but you can get massive rewards for performing well in Arena. For each win you get in Arena, you gain points towards your Arena ranking. At the beginning of every week you’ll receive rewards based on your ranking, which can amount to thousands of Diamonds and Arena coins!

Make sure to adjust your team before each battle depending on which opponent you choose to face to maximize your chances of winning. Take advantage of the Refresh function too, to avoid losing/unfavorable match-ups and keep your winning streak alive.

For tips on how to equip your heroes most effectively for the Arena you can read our previous guide here:

Abandoned Fortress

The Abandoned Fortress is a Dispatch game mode that will net you a large amount of equipment for completion. The battle style in Abandoned Fortress should be familiar to players as it follows the same format as Adventure mode stages. Each day rotates to a new type of equipment to be earned. This is a very useful mode to pick up equipment that you can then either use for leveling up other equipment or merging. Gathering some of the lower level equipment can make it easy to complete Story Quests that require you to upgrade or merge equipment. You get three Abandoned Fortress tickets per day although you can pay 100 Diamonds for a new ticket.

Temple Armes

In this mode you’ll be placed into a large Temple battlefield and you’ll have to fight off large waves of enemies for a a certain period of time before a boss spawns. Your ability to manage your heroes and their positioning on the battlefield will be tested with the extra space and enemy count.

Temple Armes allows you to collect Elemental Stones which are a crucial resource in the game. You’ll need these Elemental Stones to merge into Transcendence Stones. 10 Stones of each element are required to make one Transcendence Stone. Transcending a single hero takes well over 100 Transcendence Stones, so as you can imagine you’ll be needing to gather a lot of Elemental Stones. You get three Temple Armes tickets per day although you can pay 100 Diamonds for a new ticket and each day brings a new type of Elemental Stone for you to obtain.

Dungeon of Demons

Dungeon of Demons will force you get creative with your team building and use heroes that you don’t use as much. The battles take place in a similar manner to Adventure mode, with two stages of mobs before a final boss stage. Each day there will be a different restriction on which class will be allowed to enter, for example, on Fridays you won’t be able to bring any Wizard heroes in your team. You’ll be rewarded with a large amount of runes that will be useful for merging into new runes. Gathering low level runes from the Dungeon of Demons is especially helpful in completing Story Quests which require you to merge runes. You get three Dungeon of Demons tickets per day although you can pay 100 Diamonds for a new ticket.

Tower of Heroes

Tower of Heroes is a mode which allows to collect unique rewards for completing a stage for the first time and then a large amount of gold for subsequent completions. The battles will take place on a small circular platform stage and enemies will spawn in waves before the boss of the stage appears.

There are special battle conditions which you’ll have to take into account in addition to the varying enemies you’ll face, for example on the 25th floor of the Tower all enemies will receive a 20% Magic DEF boost every 15 seconds which stacks. These conditions can completely alter the course of battle so you’ll need to build heroes and teams that will differ from your usual strategy. There are some pretty nice rewards on offer such as 5-star Hero Summon tickets and the Tower of Heroes can become an easy and reliable gold earning method.

You get a variety of great rewards from participating in the game modes themselves, as well as Daily, Weekly and Monthly Quest rewards. You’ll need all the resources available from completing these game modes to progress in the game so don’t miss out!

Let us know which Dispatch mode is your favorite!

Also keep your eye out for updates in the near future, where exciting new additions to the Dispatch menu will be made!

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