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The new future in secondary trading! Trade NFT Geodomains!

200,000 square meters of South Korea’s luxury fashion district ‘Cheongdam’, will become an NFT location! Users can apply for a pre-sale ticket in Joongonara which can be redeemed for an NFT at!

  • Free distribution of NFT tickets for metaverse virtual districts that can be connected to real addresses.
  • Freely trade tickets during the event with anyone on Joonggonara.
  • The tickets are redeemed for NFT incorporating PlayDapp’s blockchain technology. Guaranteeing personal ownership and use for NFT transactions.
  • “The use of blockchain allows transactions for items beyond used goods, when applying pre-sale rights in Metaverse Virtual District” Joonggonara

The №1 second-hand trading platform Joonggonara(CEO: Hong Jun), together with blockchain service platform PlayDapp and Infoseed, a company specializing in address innovation, will hold an event from September 13th to October 17th called the ‘Metaverse.Geo.Domain NFT, Occupy Your Land Domain’. The event will be held on the Joonggonara platform.

The ‘Metaverse.Geo.Domain NFT, Occupy Your Land Domain’ event is open for all 24.38 million members of Joonggonara. The event combines ‘Infoseed’s precision address technology with PlayDapp’s blockchain and NFT (Non-Fungible Token) technology. In this event, NFT registration rights in the Metaverse virtual district of Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul will be awarded through a lottery to 2,000 people who participate in the free event. Any Joonggonara member can apply for free.

The event will be held for just over a month from September 13th to October 17th, and ticket winners will be announced in four groups during the event period. In addition, 200 people participants will win Starbucks rewards in addition.

Joonggonara CEO Hong Joon said, “Until now, the core of second-hand transactions has been rooted in dealing with physical goods that can be traded in person. Joonggonara will continue to discover new and diverse trading items that more users can participate in and will present a new second-hand market by enhancing the convenience of users.”

Metaverse.Geo.Domain NFT: A project that publishes a domain (address) that indicates the location of the virtual (metaverse) earth (geo) as an NFT.



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