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Sep 18 · 3 min read

With more games and ways to play, it means a new way to talk to our players!

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Hi DozerFriends! Or should that be PlayDapp Gamers?
Our journey toward an amazing ecosystem of blockchain and NFT games continues! Right now we’re working hard on the blockchain upscale of our mobile RPG games. Along with the Gods: Knights of the dawn & Soul Seeker : the Sixth Knights, both of which are already out across Android platforms.

With these fantastic games out, we’ve had to look at how we manage the various ways we talk to you about all of PlayDapp games. While we remain committed to the DozerFriends Series, we want to be able to promote all of our games in one easy place. To let you see all the awesome benefits that our interconnected PlayDapp ecosystem gives you.

There’s a lot to cover, in the world of PlayDapp. From DozerFriend games, awesome deep RPGs and our growing marketplace. And some other secret projects being worked on. With this in mind, we’re adjusting some of our main community channels!

Introducing PlayDapp Games

You’ll notice that our main three community channels are now going to be home to all of PlayDapp’s games. So it makes sense to unify them under a clearer name.

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We’ll still have dedicated channels to discuss games. Our Along with the Gods moot is home to awesome game dedicated chat. Our Soul Seeker Facebook is home to all the game chat for your knights you could ever need. And our DozerFriends Facebook will still focus on the deeply interconnected DozerFriends games, as well as any other games in the series.

But our Telegram, Discord, Reddit, and this Medium publication will widen their scope to be about all our games, and interconnected NFTs. It’s an exciting time to be part of the revolution in gaming and to be launching our PlayDapp ecosystem. And we believe this wider focus will be the best way to help bring this ecosystem together!

So what do you have to do?

Nothing, just keep checking in at all your regular places, we have redirects working for all channels. You’ll never lose out.

Want a deeper connection?

Game and market news not enough? Need to get yourself familiar with more of our crypto work? Things like Tokens, and partners and other business style news?

Our more business-focused community is all in one telegram. Which you can find here.

But we think it’s far more fun to talk about games and gaming. So we really recommend you stay with us in our awesome games communities!

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To our interconnected, interoperable gaming future!

Team PlayDapp.

PlayDapp Games

Meta-Blockchain Game Platform

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