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Playermon is Officially Launching its game Today!

Milestone after Milestone, you have been with us through our adventure.

And today, we will finally launch!! 🚀

Playermon is a boundless NFT Game set in space, and we are sure to take you there with us! So suit up and hold you breaths as we celebrate today, December 22nd of 2021, for our Official Game Launch! 🥳

We will be releasing today the Official First version of the game, featuring the Space Den, where you can bask in amazing music, see you Playermons, and more!

In SpaceDen, you can:

  1. Interact with your Playermons 🍪
  2. Complete the Happy Hour! ⏰
  3. Earn SGEMs 💎

Apart from this, you will be able to increase your Love rank and level it up, unlocking several new features for you to enjoy!

Sample of the SpaceDen — figures are not finalized yet.

How to enter Playermon Spaceden Game!

1) Log in to the Playermon website using your MetaMask wallet.

2) Click Download now and download our game

3) Click “ Show QR “ under your wallet address

4) Save your QR code image.

5) Open your game, scan your QR code image or click Choose from the photo,
open your QR code image from your downloaded QR image

6) Once you open or scan your QR image, you can enjoy our Playermon
Spaceden game now. Have fun!

The details about the Happy hour and the SGEM rewards will be published and updated soon!

The Game will be available on Windows and Android devices. Head over to our Website to download the game. Play and Earn with us!




Playermon is a boundless NFT Game where anyone can explore and battle in the universe with their favorite Playermons! Players are able to colonize planets, earn resources, and battle other players with their playermons.

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