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Dear Playermon Community, we are nearing the most egg-citing times!
We know you’re excited about how to participate, so without further ado,

Here are the details!

UPDATE: We have heard the concern of the community and are adding some changes:

Instead of being able to buy 1 Egg per day only, we will now allow participants to buy a maximum of 3 Eggs on any of the sale dates.

The hard limit of 3 eggs per wallet will still apply. So if you buy all 3 eggs on Day 1, you can no longer purchase any eggs. If you are not able to buy any eggs on Day 1 or 2, you can still buy the maximum of 3 Eggs on Day 3.

This improves the participants’ lives and gives them more flexibility as to the time of purchase and requires lesser gas fees.

Also, the full list for the Whitelisted wallets is now available!


Who is eligible to buy?

  1. The top 500 from our Leaderboard (sure spot)
  2. The top 11–50 shillers of the Previous Whitelisting Leaderboards (sure spot)
  3. Anyone holding 2,000 PYM and more on a first-come, first-served basis!
  4. 3 eggs can be purchased per day, for three days, that is 21,000 eggs.

Note: Everybody can buy the Eggs on an FCFS basis, just have to have a balance of 2,000 PYM and above. (see Holding Requirements below)

Additional Note: The links for the Top 500 and the previous Top 11–50 shillers who receive a sure spot at the egg sale will be updated once the lists are finalized. The Leaderboard competition will end on November 30, 2021, tomorrow.

— Edit: Whitelist Links are now updated! —

Leaderboards Top 500 and Top 11–50 Shillers —


How much does the Egg cost?

Each Playermon egg costs 300 PYM.
A maximum of three eggs can be bought in each wallet during the Egg Sale.

However, a number of PYM tokens must be held as a requirement before you can purchase it for each day.


Holding Requirements

We will be implementing the minimum PYM holding balance.

You need to hold at least 2,000 PYM tokens, in order to qualify for the sale. This means that in order to purchase on the first day, the participants must always have at least 2,000 PYM tokens so that the website will allow them to purchase the egg.

On the next day, the website will again check if there are at least 2,000 PYM tokens in the wallet of the participant before they can purchase another egg.

This means that ideally, one must hold 2,600 PYM tokens from the start to be able to buy for the whole 3-day sale period without worrying about their balance or repurchasing.

But as a minimum alternative, the participants may simply maintain the 2,000 tokens daily.

To put in in a table:


If you hold 2,900 PYM from the start, you don’t have to worry about the holding requirement anymore!


You can also hold just exactly 2,000 for the day. But make sure to always have 2,000 in order to buy.

In these scenarios, the participant will not drop below the balance of 2,000 PYM tokens when buying and is therefore eligible for the purchase.

Keep in mind that the smart contract will check the wallet address of the participant. In case they do not meet the minimum of 2,000 PYM holdings, a notice will be visible and the button for purchase will not be available.

They should have at least 2,000 PYM tokens in their wallet. If the Purchase button does not appear after you have just purchased, please refresh the page. The page might need to reload after you purchased sufficient tokens so your new holdings will reflect.


How and When to buy

Participants must meet the “Holding Requirements” (above) in order to qualify. Before the event, the details will be updated and you can participate through our official website only.

Day 1
3am UTC
Date: December 03
Daily Eggs Available: 7,000
Who: Holders of 2,000 PYM and above ( First come, first serve )

Day 2
8am UTC
Date: December 04
Daily Eggs Available: 7,000
Who: Holders of 2,000 PYM and above ( First come, first serve )

Day 3
1pm UTC
Date: December 05
Daily Eggs Available: 7,000
Who: Holders of 2,000 PYM and above ( First come, first serve )

Day 4
1pm UTC
Date: December 06
Daily Eggs Available: 3,000
Who: Whitelisted with holdings of 900 PYM and above ( guaranteed spot for 24 hours )

Note: You can buy the PYM tokens 5 minutes before the sale, and you will still be eligible as long as you meet the minimum requirements. There is no time required to hold them, just make sure that you have at least 2,000 for the day!



As promised, we have kept the leaderboards and the other winners that acquired a sure spot for the egg sale.

The rest are on a First-come, First-served basis so that more people will have a chance to buy eggs.

Many would also ask why are we asking for the holding of 2,000 PYM tokens. This is because we would like to prioritize the people that are interested in staying with us in the Project. We believe that this is the paramount consideration in choosing who would stay in the game. The prices of PYM right now are very desirable, and the tokens will be needed for in-game actions as well.

We believe that the community we have created is one that aspires for Playermon’s success as well, and not just here to quickly leave.

It is a decision we feel is beneficial for both the community and the game, and so we look forward to the launch with everyone committed like us!

Thank you, Playermon Masters!


What to look forward to:

Once the NFT marketplace place goes live, people can start hatching their Playermons, and this will be done before the game launch!

Please take note that PYM tokens will be needed in order to breed the new eggs and for other transactions. Hence, it is beneficial for players to hold PYM tokens throughout the game.

Are you excited? We are too! See you at the Egg-citing Egg sale!

So get ready, Playermon Masters!!

Our links:

Website | Whitepaper | Discord | Twitter | HIVE | Medium

Telegram Announcement Channel | Telegram Official Group

Facebook | YT | Instagram




Playermon is a boundless NFT Game where anyone can explore and battle in the universe with their favorite Playermons! Players are able to colonize planets, earn resources, and battle other players with their playermons.

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