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Playermon is now listed in!

Playermon has recently been listed on and is now included in the list of the best and promising new blockchain games under the Polygon Network.

Playermon is still under development, but we certainly want to spread the word! So we do our best to gain recognition not just from influencers but from prominent platforms that help everyone see our commitment and vision in this game.

We are serious in creating a boundless play-to-earn NFT game that allows players to explore space, train with their Playermons, evolve, colonize planets, battle it out with others at PVP and test their limits in PVE.

We dream, and we dream BIG. But in order to reach that, we make sure that people start to know us from the most reliable of sources.

What better way to start it off by being listed in one of the most recognized platforms where investors — small and big — regularly visit to be updated of the latest, best, and most promising NFT and Blockchain games!

As of two days ago, we were ranked 46 in terms of popularity.

And as of publishing date of this article, we are already ranked 34!

As we strive to grow our community and spread the good news, it fills us with more inspiration to work our hardest and push for a quality play-to-earn game that will leave the Blockchain gaming industry in awe.

We hope the community feels our dedication to the game when they see that slowly, we expose ourselves along with constantly voicing out our commitment and dedication to create something for the community.

As we share news after news, and all the good updates, we’d love to have everyone on this journey with us.

Want to check out our current ranking and feel just as excited as us?

Head over here:

Want to know more about the game?

Here are our helpful links!

Our Web:


Our Whitepaper

Our Twitter

Our Facebook

Our Telegram

Our discord

Our Instagram

Our Youtube

Get ready, Playermon Masters!




Playermon is a boundless NFT Game where anyone can explore and battle in the universe with their favorite Playermons! Players are able to colonize planets, earn resources, and battle other players with their playermons.

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CCO,Co Founder of Playermon

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