Casting Services That Are Actually Worth the Money

Julia Stier
Nov 11, 2019 · 3 min read

The best websites to spend your money on when looking for audition breakdowns in LA.

There are so many websites and resources out there for actors, and each one wants you to pay a fee to gain access to their info. Many of these sites are worth the money, and some… not so much. With so many options out there promising to take your career to the next level, it can be hard to know which ones to actually trust, and which ones are worth the money. Below are five casting sites that I have found to be actually worth it — the ones that agents and working actors have told me are must-haves — and two that I personally have had success with while looking for work in Los Angeles.

Actors Access

This site is essential for anyone looking to work in LA. This is the main place to find breakdowns for film, television, and new media. Additionally, some of the bigger theatres in town will post on here if they are looking to fill a specific role in a show.

LA Casting

Another essential. In addition to principal roles, you can also find a lot of commercial work on here. In fact, 90% of all commercial breakdowns are posted on LA Casting. The site just added a new subscription level where, for a slightly higher price, you can put unlimited media on your profile (woot!!). I also know a lot of people who make some good money doing background work that they find through LA Casting.

Casting Frontier

To be honest, I was originally going to cancel my subscription to this one. I didn’t feel like I saw as many breakdowns on here that I fit, and I hardly ever got called in for auditions off of this site. However, when I took a commercial class at Killian’s Workshop, my teacher, Jaret Sacrey, said that while 90% of commercial auditions are listed on LA Casting, the other 10% are on Casting Frontier. In order to not miss a commercial opportunity, it is essential to be on both. Sure enough, when I signed with my commercial agent, he made it a requirement to have an account on Casting Frontier.

I did get one cool gig off of this site. Back in January I was cast in a music video for the DJ Darude, best known for his song “Sandstorm”!

Hollywood Casting and Film

I subscribed to this casting site after learning that their casting offices offer free, 30-minute self tape sessions a day to their subscribers. They have a room all set up with a background, lights, and camera, and they provide a reader and someone to operate the camera. Also, the website has an “autosubmit” option for their breakdowns. You put in your info, and the site filters out which breakdowns you are a match for and allows you to submit to all of them at once. I get A LOT of auditions off of this site because I’m pretty sure that in exchange for using the casting space for free, filmmakers have to call in anyone who subscribes to Hollywood Casting and Film.


A lot of people think Backstage is only useful if you live in New York, but I love this site. Most of my jobs have come from Backstage, both for stage and screen. The site is also a really good resource for looking up casting directors, agents, and managers.

Which casting site have you had the most luck with? What are sites that are good for actors outside of LA?

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Interviews with actors on acting, advice, and their journeys in the entertainment industry.

Julia Stier

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Players, Performers, & Portrayers

Interviews with actors on acting, advice, and their journeys in the entertainment industry.

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