Pitching Us: We’ve made our criteria clearer & our responses faster🚀

TL;DR At our offsite towards the end of last year, we spent a lot of time thinking about the experience founders have when they submit their decks via our website. We’d previously streamlined the submission form, but realised that there was still more we could do to optimise the experience.

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I’ve previously written about the mistakes founders make when approaching investors, which include not doing enough research and targeting the wrong funds.

The problem for founders is that many funds do not make it clear what they invest in. This makes it impossible to do effective research and develop a targeted approach.

What stage? What sector? What geography?

With our updated FAQs, we now clearly lay out:

  • the stage we invest at
  • the sectors/areas we do and don’t invest in
  • our geographical focus

If after reading these it seems like there could be a fit, we would love to hear from you.

Faster responses to deck submissions

Waiting around to hear back is painful — we get it. At the same time, we want to make sure that your company is getting a proper review, not just a cursory glance. We are trying to balance speed and thoroughness.

At the moment, we promise to get back to every founder within 14 days, but we recognise with the speed of the market that is not fast enough.

With immediate effect, we are changing our target response time to just 5 days.

With everything founders have on their plate, waiting to hear back from us for more than a week is one thing they no longer have to worry about.

If you have any suggestions for FAQs that we have not yet covered, or general suggestions for how we can make the overall experience better for founders, please add a comment below.

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