Firewatch: A true storyteller


What is Firewatch?

Firewatch is a first person game that centers around a story, a story about a guy named Henry who has a normal life in a city, meets his future love and gets married, then his wife gets the Alzheimer’s disease and his perfect life gets melted down by the things that were meant to happen, his wife moves to Australia without him and he stays alone for the rest of the time.

Then he finds on the news an advertisement about a job as a fire lookout in Wyoming and applies in. The story goes on developing Henry’s relationship with Delilah, you as a player never end up meeting Delilah in person, as all talk goes through a Walkie-Talkie.

Technically, a masterpiece

The picture above shows one of the lots of landscapes and views of all the game, and frankly, it’s one of the most beautiful crafted games.

There are a lot of graphical effects, but not many to get you say “It’s overloaded with blur and bloom”. Those effects play a big role in making the game as beautiful as it is. It uses Unity as an engine, and my GTX 970 did not suffer a bit, although experience may vary with different machines, making a game not as realistic as other games that try that, Firewatch uses very simple textures and models, this gets enhanced by the mentioned effects that I talked about, and that is perfect. The game does not make your PC die from the overload in GFX by just making the textures and models simpler.

Here comes the audio, and oh boy this is getting really good.

Dialogues are among the best dialogues that I’ve ever heard in a videogame. They feel real, like two people talking, they transmit the emotions to you, the happiness, the sadness, the fear. Music is also really beautiful, and they’ve put it in a way that I love, in certain situations of the story certain music will be played, it is nice to see that such a small studio did all of this in a perfect way.

Bad things?

There’s actually not much to say that’s is wrong with Firewatch, moving around was messy, sometimes sprinting didn’t work correctly, and other times I didn’t know the “correct” direction to take to keep on with the story, although that’s fixed a little with the amazing views that the game has.

And that is all…

It’s actually really hard to give a game a 10/10 IGN given that it has very very little issues, so I’ll use decimals.

9.5/10: A handcrafted masterpiece

I think Campo Santo has outdone themselves with this game, given the experience that they possess on doing games of this style (The Walking Dead). They’re developing a new which I will eagerly play as soon as is available. Really good job, Campo Santo.

This review is really short to see how I handle writing in Medium, expect more soon!

Cheers, Reecyno.

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