Cashbac Feature on!

Sep 11, 2019 · 2 min read


Hi PlayGamers!

PlayGame continuously makes innovations for PlayGamers in various and many ways. This time PlayGamers can use Cashbac to to buy PlayTicket at! With Cashbac on, it will ease PlayGamers to enter or create competitions in and add to the purchase features that already exist on

Cashbac itself is a cashback rewards application that provides a new experience for you in shopping that becomes more enjoyable. Cashbac App provides instant cashback or direct cashback rewards that you can automatically use immediately. Cashbac already has direct partnerships with some of the largest merchants in Indonesia. With the Cashbac application, besides you get cashback, you can also use payments from many channels such as GoPay and Credit Cards!

Follow these steps to use Cashbac on :

  1. Enter the “Payment” page
  2. Select the “Cashbac” Icon
  3. Click “BUY”
  4. Make sure your purchase details are correct
  5. Click “PAY”
  6. Open your Cashbac application
  7. Select the “PAY” menu
  8. Select “Scan QR Code” or enter the payment code that appears
  9. Make a Payment
  10. You can see your purchase history on “My Transactions”

note :
1. Caschbac Appplication only for buying PlayTicket
2. Don’t forget input Referral Code “
pxgmoon” on Cashbac Application
3. How to use Cashbac app :
4. How to contact Cashbac customer service :

Come Guys! Take advantage of this convenience to increase the excitement of playing on, See you on!

And dont forget, if you do a transaction at can you use OVO, Transfer Bank, E-Banking, Convenience Store and Cashbac.

PlayGame is a direct-to-play game platform that allows users to play directly on the website. PlayGame creates a fair play environment for everyone. Running on top of a blockchain platform, you can create competition and set up a pool prize for all games on the PlayGame. The pool prize is obtained from a collection of registration fees given by PlayGamers before playing. PlayGame supports PXG as a cryptocurrency used when playing or given as a prize and also support other cryptocurrencies such as BNB, KCS, TEN and TOKO Token.


PXG - Decentralized, global and universal virtual game token

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