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Q: What is Playgroundz?

Playgroundz is best described as the “Google” of Games. It is a platform for videogames and game related services. Playgroundz will be a gateway to a videogame database where developers and gamers can come and virtually do anything game related. We are simply creating a new gaming ecosystem where everything videogame related is decentralized and belongs solely to the players and developers.

Q: Why does Playgroundz need Blockchain?

Playgroundz is a platform that provides a variety of blockchain-based services for gamers. Mineral a crowdfunding service and Navi and knowledge-sharing service are two examples.

1) Mineral (Crowdfund Service)

The current crowdfunding platforms do not provide enough robust systems to protect contributors from fraudulent cases. The fundraisers get too many benefits by receiving full funding from the contributors without any restrictions. Oftentimes, they don’t deliver promised milestones or just disappear with the money altogether. Once they get the donations, the contributors become powerless and just have to hope the projects comes to fruition on goodwill.

Mineral crowdfunding features a vesting system where funds vest according to milestone deliverables. This prevents the recipient party from receiving full funding from the start. The funds will be deposited on blockchain with smart contracts that are supported with multi-signature functions. The contributors and the developers agree on milestones, deliverables and terms and the funding amounts are only paid after a certain number of contributors approve them. If the contributors don’t approve the milestones, they can then decide if the funding is to proceed with new terms or be refunded back.

IOG token will be used for funding and the entire payment process will be done according to the Smart Contract. So, once the initial funding is issued in accordance with the Smart Contract, nobody can interrupt or modify the project. In addition, everyone can see the progress of the project through Block Explorer.

2) Navi (Tips and Q&A Service)

Gamers often face a lot of challenges and have difficulties progressing through some of their games. Although, they can find help and content on search engines like, the information usually lacks the perfect solutions and oftentimes provide false information.

Navi is a game knowledge sharing service done through a question-answering system with incentives. It aims to bring all information about games to one place without any bias or boundaries.

Knowledge-sharing and question-and-answer services are growing rapidly all around the world today. For example: US-based Quora service is at an enterprise value of $1.8 billion, China’s Jihoo service has 18.5 million DAUs, and Korea’s Jisikin service has over 300 million answers in their database. Navi will use IOG tokens so there will be no currency exchange problems for rewarding. Gamers all across the world can unite to share their knowledge!

Q: What differentiates Playgroundz from other Blockchain game platforms?

Blockchain is not an all-powerful solution for everything. The necessary functions should be used in appropriate situations. Currently, most of the game-related blockchain projects like Cryptokitties are based on ERC721. These project designs provide no gameplay feedback because they are all about picking units as selective functions. These new mechanics are not like traditional games and the general public may have a hard time adjusting and adopting it. It is very comparable to odds calculations from gambling games. They may make a lot of money now, but there’s no long-term benefits for the gamers, game industry, and blockchain technology.

Playgroundz is completely different from these types of projects. The goal for Playgroundz is to benefit the entire game industry from all levels. We are not trying to compete with any project out there. We are trying to enhance the existing and upcoming platforms, games and market through a brand-new ecosystem only possible with blockchain.

Playgroundz believes the gamer is the most important unit in the ecosystem but yet they are the most abused and almost powerless in the status quo. Because of this, we believe we must give power back to the gamers as they play the most important role for this industry. To prove it, we created an Industry Reserve and will issue 35% of the total coin supply to gamers. This reserve is not for sale and will only be available for users to earn by doing various things on Playgroundz. Think of it earning points in a videogame. We have also reserved 5% for Bounties and Early Adopters. Again, this is not for sale and they will be given out to those who help us improve the platform. A total of 40% of the entire coin supply will be used to help the gamers and developers. This will be a tremendous help for many indie game developers and it will also play a very important role in creating a Playgroundz ecosystem for many gamers.

We help give power back to gamers by rewarding them with their gameplay data and we help the developers by providing them with services to create new games, enhance existing ones, and more importantly find their audience. Blockchain and IOG tokens help create a new ecosystem by balancing the force between gamer, developer and content.

Q: What are some of the development goals?

Playgroundz is a project we’ve been working on for a long time. Our priority is to launch and execute a Private Beta test by the second half of 2018. In addition, we plan to open up the Beta services during the first half of 2019 with a goal for full Open Beta service by the second half of 2019. Please keep checking our site to sign up for Beta testing.

Our second priority is to meet developers and gamers to open up even more new services.

Q: You will need to work with many game developers in order for Playgroundz to succeed. What are your plans?

Again, our main goal is not to compete with others but to be a product that enhances everything game related out there. We are already working with top indie developers as well as other platforms to co-exist on Playgroundz. We aren’t going to make a new platform like Steam, or service like Twitch and Facebook. We are going to make our product something that benefits all existing platforms and games. There should be no reason for any developer not to utilize Playgroundz. Further announcements will be made when the time is right.

Q: Is there a Mainnet in Playgroundz?

A few of the Playgroundz projects are dApps using Ethereum Mainnet. In the current market, there are blockchain platforms like Ethereum and EOS that have led to new platforms like Quarkchain and Zilliqa to solve problems. Rather than trying to oversaturate the current blockchain market, we would rather support the existing ones.

The success of Apple’s AppStore and Google’s GooglePlay Store was due to the presence of great apps like Crossy Road, Clash of Clans, Uber and Instagram. The current blockchain space is not in need of new and better platforms, its in need of dApps that are useful to users.

Blockchain technology is still distant from the public eyes because there aren’t any applications or services that really provide any needs. We firmly believe that the Playgroundz platform will allow us to create dApps that the gamers and developers need.

Q: How are the Metrics and Lock situation of the IOG Token?

A total of 2.2 billion IOG tokens were issued.

* Early investor: This accounts for 15% with a 1 year lock.

* Private Sale: This accounts for 10% with no lock period. Some of these are on the market for initial price stabilization since most of the foundation and other coins are all locked.

* Foundation: This accounts for 25%, 9% of which is unlocked and used for initial development and marketing costs. The remaining 16% will be unlocked throughout a 2-year span at 8% per year.

* Industry Reserve: This accounts for 35%, 5% of which is unlocked, and the remaining 30% is unlocked for 10 years at 3% release per year. It is not distributed to direct exchanges and is paid to gamers and developers through the Playgroundz platform.

* Bounty: This accounts for up to 5% and is paid to users through the Playgroundz platform when running Beta Services and so on.

* Advisors: 10% has been allocated for our Advisor group. Once an advisor signs up, their tokens will be locked for a year.

Q: Does the token price decrease if the IOG token is paid to the user through the Playgroundz platform?

Playgroundz is our long-term dream project. Like with any other project we have worked on, our goal is to keep it evolving with the industry trend. We’ve been around for over 10 years and we plan on staying a lot longer.

IOG tokens are rewarded only when users make a significant contribution to the Playgroundz platform. Also, they are not paid at once but are paid slowly over a period of time, taking into account market conditions. We are developing Playgroundz as the virtuous circle model by which the tokens obtained through the Playgroundz platform can be used again on the Playgroundz platform.

The Playgroundz service Mineral was built so a significant amount of coins are frozen during the funding period through the smart contract. Considering that it takes a year or two to develop one game, we must really consider what effects can happen to the coins and market during this period. Even when the funded tokens are paid to the developing company, there is enough room for digestion in the market because the tokens are partially paid per each milestone. Because there are many places where IOG tokens are needed but there are a limited number of places to get the tokens, the amount of circulation at the exchange market will always be short, and the coin price will continue to rise.

While developing all of our services, we will put a lot of consideration to the gamers, game developers and investors who buy coins through an exchange.

Q: Why does Github only have the source code for SmartContracts?

Playgroundz is currently a closed source project. The development source codes have a separate, private repository. We do not plan to convert the entire project into open source until the market is ready for it. We want to respect our token holders so we will keep everything confidential until it is ready to go live. But, we do have plans to open the source code partially if there are any components that we think will be useful when we make it public.

In the future, you will be able to check the development status and intermediate works periodically through page here on Medium.

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