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Playing God.
A Hopeful Story of a Family Living with Autism

It’s been a rough stretch. COVID-19 restrictions, trying to generate business at work when no one has money to spend, and despite pandemic restrictions, that Crazy Christmas Aura is in the air and Adam does not handle this time of year well. He’s been cut off from the Special Olympics Program and a great deal of his activities due to COVID-19 and of course he physically takes out his frustrations on the walls of his apartment and then takes it out mentally and emotionally on us by constantly trying to push our buttons. In his mind, if he is upset…

The Importance of Hope When Your Family Is Affected by Autism.

Long before I had my children, I’d been described by my family as impatient, aggressive, demanding and I suppose overbearing and annoying when I set my mind on something I wanted to accomplish. I suppose it must have been exhausting for my parents and those around me, and I am sorry for having put them through whatever discomfort it might have caused them. Age has brought me the wisdom and experience that I tap into everyday before speaking, texting and sending an e mail…well, at least 98% of the…

If Not Now, When?

One of the things I’ve learned from living in this time of global pandemic is that life is unpredictable and short, and I need to stop procrastinating and start doing. Enough is enough. It is time to use my gifts, my experiences, and my knowledge to help others. It is time to stop making excuses about being busy, having too many responsibilities or not being in the right mood to write about what I know. It is time to call myself out for being afraid to write and to finally admit that every excuse I make…

Adam age 5, Banff, Alberta.

“Bye Daddy,”

My husband, Tom, and I were over the moon. Those were the first sounds we’d heard from Adam in eleven months and the last time we would hear him string words together in four years. That morning started like any other since things changed. Adam was sitting beside me in his highchair enjoying his breakfast, fixated on traffic in the street below. Acknowledging the elephant in the room, Tom squeezed my hand, kissed us both on the top of our heads and went to the door, and as he had done every morning, said in his cheeriest voice…

Playing God.

A Hopeful Story of a Family Living with Autism

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