Rough cost for building with Playlogix

We’re a startup studio that helps entrepreneurs work out what they need to do and have the team to build and launch their ideas.

Entrepreneurs are often just needing a rough idea of what software development actually costs but it’s really hard to tell as projects can differ so much. We’ve looked at our numbers and here are some very high level rough estimates* from some of our projects:

  • Design & setup: R40k — R60k
  • Landing Page: R20k — R50k
  • Backend (inc payments): R80k — R150k
  • Web app (like a marketplace): R80k — R200k
  • Wrapper apps : R30k — R50k per platform
  • Native app (iOS or Android): R120k — R250k each

This is assuming a couple of things, including that we’re working on our normal code stack and that we don’t run into any complications implementing. These estimates are also along our normal practices of building an MVP of core features first and leaving off the bells and whistles to start with.

*These are very rough estimates. Real prices may vary widely.

We sell dev weeks and can step in and out of projects as needed, building a team for what you need right now. On small budgets, we’ll normally start off in ‘hack mode’ to get something out that you can use to test your customers problem asap to help you learn faster.

If you want more clarity then we can scope your full project in detail and produce more accurate estimates. This consists of a Process Flow, Data Structure and Tasks Estimate which costs R20k and typically takes about 1.5 weeks. You can add an initial set of wireframes and designs for an additional R20k.

Get in touch if you’d like to find out more.

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