We’re looking for a Product Designer

Dhvanil Patel
Feb 21, 2018 · 5 min read

We want you to help us scale Design at Playment!

Illustration by Asmita Upadhyay

Product Design at a startup is tough. Things are chaotic. It is challenging, taxing and extremely demanding.

You’re always out of time. The feature you are designing today had to be shipped yesterday. The marketing team is breathing down your neck. The Android developer has already pinged you 5 times for the icons.

The roles are muddy, processes are vague, requirements are unclear and the products are unpolished. You’re in a constant iteration mode.

Design, Deploy, Iterate. Repeat.

You have to get your hands dirty. You have to wear many hats. You have to drive things. You have to work hard and get things done. You have to ship the product. You’re responsible. The buck stops at you.

You need to think about the business and be ruthlessly prioritizing. Maybe the V5 of the dashboard you’re obsessing about isn’t what your startup needs today. Just a couple of quick fixes can get the job done as well. You learn about the fundamental business value of Design.

It is one of the busiest jobs ever. If you’ve worked at a young startup, I’m sure you can relate.

But at the same time – it is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experience. You see the impact of your work in real time. Your users call you up in the middle of the night to tell you about how your app has changed their lives. How useful it is for them, and how much they love it.

The hands-on experience helps you learn a wide variety of things — from sales and marketing, to hiring and managing. The iteration cycles are so quick, that it makes you wonder how did you manage to learn and grow so fast.

A fast-growing startup is the best place for a Designer who wants to work on highly impactful and meaningful work.

Playment is one of them.

What’s Playment about?

Today, every other company is building AI. It is the new buzzword in the tech industry.

But the truth is that today’s AI is far from perfect. In many cases, they can’t even detect simple objects. In order for the models to be accurate, they have to be trained on a large number of datasets. Generating these training datasets is extremely laborious, time-consuming & costly process.

To give you a context about how data-intensive the process of developing AI Models is — an average self-driving car with its slew of sensors captures data at the rate of 1 GB per second.

That is almost 1 Petabyte per car per year.

A huge chunk of this data needs to be annotated. This high quality annotated data helps the models learn, improve their precision and recall.

You can’t even dream of annotating that much data using a traditional outsourcing approach.

We’re solving this problem through crowdsourcing with our community of over 250,000+ players. They use our mobile and web application to annotate the data.

We are backed by Y Combinator, Saif Partners & Google Launchpad amongst others and have raised $2.3 Mn to date.

We envision to build the infrastructure that will expedite the AI-age.

Crowdsourcing at scale with high accuracy is a problem that nobody has been able to solve in the world. Nobody.

We believe we have a shot at it.

Design at Playment

Design plays a very crucial part at Playment in bringing our vision to life. We work closely with the Product, Business and Technology teams to identify problems, brainstorm solutions, see the designs through production – and the iterate on the feedback!

Some of the work done by the Design team at Playment

There are two main aspects where design creates a huge impact at Playment. These are the two extreme ends of our product.

On one front, you will work on our web and android applications used by more than 10,000 players daily. Enabling complex annotation tasks at scale is a challenging Design problem. You have to optimise for each click, each scroll, and each key-press.

Real users use these products — some of whom spend more than 6 hours on Playment every day. They are young college kids, stay-at-home mothers, retired people, daily wage workers. Your Designs will have a very visible impact.

On the other front, you will help us design the foundations of our behind-the-scenes tools. These tools are used by our internal project-management team. It requires a very intricate understanding of our business, operations, technology, and product. Improvements here directly help us scale faster.

We want you to help us define what our products will be. What things we need to design — and how.

You will also help us drive the User Research to distill our product and design principles, which will act as a north pole for the design and development of our crowdsourcing tools.

We will also need your help to develop our marketing and brand guidelines – so that we can have a global presence.

Design is a very horizontal function here at Playment. You will work with many different teams — Marketing, Sales, Product, Engineering, and Operations. Be prepared for a lot of multi-tasking and context-switching.

You can read more about our mission, and some of the products we’ve built at Playment here:

Does this sound interesting?

If you find the role interesting please let us know. We would love to talk more with you. You can directly email me at dhvanil@playment.in or apply here.

Or, if you know of an amazing Designer looking out for a more challenging role, please let us know. I’d owe you a 🍕 or ☕️ or 🍺.

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