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Overview of the “Cookin’ Burger” 5th Season Period & Rewards and Rankings -Celebrating the ranking implementation! Super Happy Week to be held!-

We are pleased to announce the period and rewards for Season 5 of the open beta version of Cookin’ Burger.
To celebrate the implementation of the new ranking feature, “Super Happy Week” will be held with increased rewards for the entire season.

■ 5th Season Period
5th Season: Monday, December 5, 11:00:00 (UTC+8) — Monday, January 2, 10:59:59 (UTC+8)
⇒ Payday: Tuesday, January 10

*The seasonal switchover of Cookin’ Burger will be preceded by maintenance, so the actual start time will be when the maintenance is completed.

■ Estimated DEP Rewards for Each Rarity in the 5th Season
In “Cookin’ Burger,” the amount of DEP you can earn depends on the rarity of the shop NFT you use. In the 5th season, “Super Happy Week” will be held throughout the season, and you can earn more DEP than usual.

[Super Happy Week: Estimated DEP rewards by rarity]
・Food cart (Secondhand ) : 2.96~7.41 DEP
・Food cart (Economy) : 43.91–95.93 DEP
・Food cart ( Deluxe ) : 241.74–467.80 DEP
・Food truck (Secondhand) : 682.21–857.74 DEP
・Food truck (Economy) : 1,262.94~1,763.48 DEP
・Food truck (Deluxe) : 3,000.1–4,333.84 DEP

*The amount of DEP that can be earned depends on the user’s playing skills, so the above amounts are only estimates.
*Please note that the reward amounts may be adjusted or revised periodically.

■ Update for the 5th season: Ranking function, endurance value and repairs
Starting with the 5th season, a ranking function will be implemented in the game. By ranking high in the game, players will be able to earn DEP or in-game items.

*Only DEP rewards will be available in the 5th season.

In the last week of the season, rankings will be generated for the highest score per play in the three categories (part-time staff, food cart and food track) and the rewards will be determined according to the results.

  • Food Cart Ranking: Players with food cart NFTs can participate in this ranking.
  • Food Truck Ranking: Players with food truck NFTs can participate in this ranking.

■ 5th Season Ranking Period
Monday, December 26, 11:00:00 (UTC+8) — Monday, January 2, 10:59:59 (UTC+8)
*Final ranking results will be announced between the end of the ranking period and the distribution of ranking rewards.

Distribution of ranking rewards: Tuesday, January 10
*Ranking rewards will be distributed on the same day as the 5th season payday.

■ 5th Season Ranking Rewards
Food Truck Ranking

Food Cart Ranking

Part-time Staff Ranking

-Please note that the amount of ranking rewards may be adjusted or revised periodically.

[Endurance Value and Repair]
The endurance value of shop NFTs will now decrease with each game play (The value will decrease by “5” per game). When the endurance value reaches 0, the shop needs to be repaired in order to continue playing. Repair function will be implemented at the same time.

-What is Shop Repair?
Repairing is a function that uses DEP to repair shops in order to recover their endurance value. The more you repair, the more the “cumulative repair value” increases, and the “repair rank” changes according to this value.

-What is a Repair Rank?
Repairing the endurance value of a shop NFT increases its repair value, which then increases its repair rank. The repair cost per endurance value changes depending on the repair rank. The repair rank varies depending on the type of shop NFT.

The following changes will be made to the existing endurance value in conjunction with this implementation.

[Food Cart]
Secondhand: 200→930
Deluxe: 185→870

[Food Truck]
Secondhand: 175→840
Economy: 160→780
Deluxe: 150→750

Thank you for your continued support for “Cookin’ Burger”, we will continue our effort to deliver the best game experience to our users.

To purchase “Cookin’ Burger” shop NFTs
・PlayMining NFT(

For information on “Cookin’ Burger”


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