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【How to Stake DEAPcoin?】

1) Access PlayMining NFT, click on the door icon at the top right corner and log in to My Page.

  • Click here to find out how to log in.

2) After logging in to My Page, click on the person icon at the top right and click on ‘Staking’ under the Wallet.

3) On the staking application page, click on ‘Apply’.

4) Review the contents and select a plan from the staking application.

5) The selected plan is displayed.

6) Enter the amount you wish to stake (minimum staking amount is 3,000 DEP).

7) Check the notes below and click ‘Confirm’.

8) Check the details, tick the two checkboxes and click ‘Apply’.

9) The staking completion screen will be displayed.

10) Return to the staking application screen and check the amount of DEP in staking. If the amount you have just applied for is reflected, staking is complete.



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