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[Regarding the NFTs distributed at the Tokyo Game Show 2022 and Taxi Campaign]

The final deadline for receiving the NFTs on PlayMining by scanning the QR codes on the cards distributed at the Tokyo Game Show 2022 and JobTribes Taxi campaign is as follows.

Receipt Deadline: Monday, October 17, 7:59 a.m. (UTC+8)

Due to popular demand, the deadline for receiving the NFTs has been extended from the date and time stated on the card. Please note that you will not be able to receive the NFTs after the above deadline.

[Assets to be covered by the campaign]

<Tokyo Game Show 2022>

- 1750 Guild Gamer(Thunder)

- 1730 e-sports Promo Girls(Thunder)

- 1731 e-sports Broadcaster(Earth)

- 1732 e-sports Commentator(Nature)

- 1733 e-sports Combative Game Player(Fire)

- 1734 e-sports Strategic Game Player(Poison)

- 1720【Cookin’ Burger】Food Cart “Fuji”-JTGSH

- 1721【Cookin’ Burger】Food Cart “Star”-WTGSH

- 1722【Cookin’ Burger】Food Cart “Dragon”-CTGSH

- 1723【Cookin’ Burger】Food Cart “Fuji”-JTGEC

- 1724【Cookin’ Burger】Food Cart “Star”-WTGEC

- 1725【Cookin’ Burger】Food Cart “Dragon”-CTGEC

- 1737【Graffiti Racer】’TGS2022 Event Girl’ Rola

- 1738【Graffiti Racer】’TGS2022 Staff’ Kawaiian

- 1739【Graffiti Racer】’TGS2022 Staff’ Shoko tan

- 1740【Graffiti Racer】’TGS2022 Staff’ Amelie

- 1741【Graffiti Racer】’TGS2022 Staff’ Himawari

- 1742【Graffiti Racer】’TGS2022 Staff’ Mr.Jackpot

- 1745【Menya Dragon Ramen】Riva Rosso

- 1746【Menya Dragon Ramen】Riva Blu

- 1747【Menya Dragon Ramen】Riva Verde

- 1748【Menya Dragon Ramen】Riva Giallo

- 1749【Menya Dragon Ramen】Riva Viola

<JobTribes Taxi Campaign>

- 1726 Taxi Driver(Nature)

- 1727 Chauffeur(Water)

- 1728 Bike Courier(Earth)

- 1729 Delivery Driver(Thunder)



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