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Fujiwara Kamui Verse ~Antiqua Reincarnation~ Land NFT to be released on April 27!

About Land NFT Sales

The world MAP designed by Kamui Fujiwara will be divided into 10,000 sections and sold as Land NFTs. The first Land NFT sale has been set for April 27, 2022. The commemorative first sales area will be the multi-ethnic region of “Sumer”.

The holders of this Land NFT will become citizens of “Fujiwara Kamui Verse” and will be able to participate in various activities and decision-making for the development of this world.

The next Land NFT sales and sales area information will be announced in the community as it becomes available.

【Land NFT Sales Details】

Sales Period: From Wednesday, April 27, 2022, 13:00 (JST)

Initial Sales Price: 1,000 DEP (900 DEP for those eligible for the white list)

Sales Amount: Limited to 100 plots (Some will be allocated for white list sales.)

Purchase Method: Blind auction starts from 1,000 DEAPcoin

Special Website: April 27, 2022, 13:00 (JST)

【Land NFT Utilities】

・The holders of the Land NFT will be able to participate in decision-making (voting) regarding Fujiwara Kamui Verse’s roadmap (the voting system is under development).

・The NFT can be used as a profile picture.

・The holders can own land and engage in various activities in the Metaverse space to be unveiled in phase 2 (described below).

・Other benefits are being prepared as the verse develops.

*Land NFT cannot be used in other PlayMining games such as JobTribes.

【How to purchase】

On the special site to be released on April 27, 2022, you can select your favorite Land NFT from the World MAP and purchase it on PlayMining NFT .

*You can also purchase directly on PlayMining NFT without visiting the special site.

In order to purchase, you will be asked to create a PlayMining ID and wallet.

Please refer to the following page.

How to create a PlayMining ID and wallet

Information on the whitelist sale of the Land NFT for Fujiwara Kamui Verse

About Fujiwara Kamui Verse’s “National Power”

The “National Power” of Fujiwara Kamui Verse will increase according to the market value of Land NFT, the number of participants in the verse and the sales from the verse-related products. Thus, Fujiwara Kamui Verse will continue to develop and evolve.

Future Developmnet

(1) The official “world history” of Fujiwara Kamui Verse will be published.

You can read more of the story here.

(2) Voting for the race to determine the 12 Zodiac Gods

This event will be a turning point in the story making with the users.

(3) Description of the virtual space of Fujiwara Kamui Verse

A virtual space based on the world view is scheduled to be completed in the winter of 2022.

・The users will be able to walk around as avatars.

・Avatars will be able to communicate with each other, vote, etc.

・They will be able to build houses and shops on the purchased land.

The potential of this content is in your hands.

Together, we can pave the way for the bright future of this world!

■Become a member of our community from the link below.

Say “Kamu In” when you join! You might be able to meet the Creator (Kamui Fujiwara Sensei)





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