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[Graffiti Racer][Director’s Letter: Summary of the AMA on Feb. 3, 2023]

Thank you for always enjoying Graffiti Racer. This is Director Yamamoto.

We held an AMA on Friday, February 3. Thank you for attending and posting questions to us.

We would like to share some of the questions we received about Graffiti Racer and Ver. 2.0 and their answers with you in this article.

First of all, as we have already announced in the article below, we would like to reiterate what is currently happening.

[Graffiti Racer]【Important】Responding to the feedback we have received

As we have already announced, there is a problem with the abilities system.

As far as we know from our current investigation, the film’s ability randomisation is significantly different from what was originally intended. To be more specific, the ability randomisation is based on the film character’s rarity, which gives a specific number of factors, and based on the results, the abilities are activated and their levels change, but the current method is designed to directly affect the number of abilities themselves, not their factors.

Furthermore, it has been discovered that some abilities are not working properly.
Specifically, the score increase is the biggest issue. Originally, this was an ability that was supposed to increase the score partially, but now it is affecting the overall total score, hence ruining the advantage of the ranking.

There is also a specification where the ability factor remains on the sheet when the film is removed from the character, but this is also a very different situation at present to what was intended.
Specifically, it depends on the character’s level when the film is removed, but it was expected to remain with a probability of around 10%. However, currently the ability factors remain almost without exception.
The percentage will be changed to normal level at the maintenance on February 8.

I would like to apologize again for not being aware of this situation until now.
As the director, I deeply regret this situation.

In addition, we have provided further information on Ver 2.0 in this AMA.

■ Ver 2.0 Main Guideline
Under the concept of “Review all unintuitive specifications, create more comprehensible characters and make racing fun”, the character’s status will be revised to prioritize the simplicity of the sheet + film.

■ Film
The status of the film that is created by the coloring-in process will be fundamentally changed.
Specifically, the film will have a status, added skills and new ability slots.
By matching them to a sheet, everything adds up, giving you a wider range of film choices than ever before and changing your race strategy depending on the film you match.

I know it’s hard to imagine, but we expect that the upcoming presentation of the development screen will help to better understand these changes.
We hope you will wait a little longer for the completion.

■ Abilities
The ability system will be fundamentally revised. The abilities will now be divided into two categories: “Default Abilities” that will always be activated, and “Latent Abilities” that can be activated by combining with films.

Unlike previous ability factors, if the same ability icons overlap, they will activate or power up, making it clearer and more straightforward.

In addition, the current ‘Ability Factor Analysis’ will be renamed ‘Sheet Analysis’.
Sheets that have already been analyzed will remain as analyzed, so please don’t worry about this.

■ Contents of Abilities
The effects of some abilities will also be changed.
Some of the major changes are that some of the parameters that are currently increased by percentage will be changed to a fixed increase, such as +XXX.

In addition, some abilities, such as score increase, will be discontinued from Ver. 2.0.

■ Coatings
The coating will be changed from the current coating of only one race to one that actually recovers the character by adding its maximum race points.
However, the coating will only be applied once per film.

After that, the coating will always peel off, but it will be possible to restore the coating or transfer the color and reapply it again.

■ Restoration
A specification will be introduced whereby the performance of the film will be reduced by a certain number when it is restored. At the time of restoring, the newly introduced statuses, added skills and abilities will be reduced.

We hope that this change will allow you to create a variety of racing strategies to suit the performance of your character at the time, with various shifting skills and abilities, rather than the same character every time.

— — — — — — — — — — — — —

In this AMA, we announced specific policies, but for more details, we will announce them again once they are finalized. We appreciate your patience for the time being.

Also, in the AMA, we answered various questions. I will share them with you below.

— — — — — — — — — — — — —

Q. What do you think of the current situation where some of the same people are ranking high in the ranking? Are there any plans to impose any restrictions?

A. As far as restrictions are concerned, due to the nature of the NFT, there are currently no plans to put a limit on the number of NFTs that can be used for participation.
However, starting from Ver 2.0, we plan to set a minimum level requirement for participation in premium ranking races and some races.

We have decided to set this limit because we want you to be able to compete using the character you have trained, rather than just being able to run because you have made it a character.
In line with this, we are also planning to significantly revise the distribution amount of race points required for level-up.

We hope that you will enjoy the regular races every day while collecting race points and competing in the premium ranking races.

Q. How do you feel about the lack of demand for speed characters? Do you think they will be able to compete better if their technique and luck are raised, or do you plan to hold speed-focused races in the future?

A. The issue of low demand for speed characters is also a challenge for the management team. Currently, handling is dominant due to the difficulty of operation and the need to change course to get points.
For this reason, in Ver 2.0 we are considering a system where the characteristics of each status can be utilized. For example, depending on the speed parameter, the inoperable time when contacting an obstacle can be reduced.
We are also considering the merits of increasing each parameter.
However, the currently implemented Luck ability is only for avoiding weather conditions and it does not increase the score or affect other abilities.

Q. “SSS” is of course a higher status than “A”, but we are aware that the actual operability is determined by the ratio, not by the size of the number. As a result of this, with regard to ‘SSS’, should we think of it as a G-1 participation right, rather than ‘strong and easy to handle’ because of its higher parameters?

A. The value of SSS will be reevaluated, and it will be possible to participate in G3 from Ver 2.0. Also, in order to increase the value of rarity, adjustments will be made to abilities, so going forward, there will be a focus on “strong and easy to choose.”

Q. I would like to know about the recovery of breed points and when it can be done.

A. I think the question is being asked because it was mentioned in the Graffiti Racer development announcement. As stated in the article published just before the release, there is no plan to add a function to recover breed points.
If breed points can be restored, the number of NFTs issued will have to be increased indefinitely. This would greatly change the value of the NFTs themselves, so we are currently unable to include this function.
We would be grateful for your understanding.

Q. I heard in the unofficial space that ‘when the film is removed, it deteriorates and makes it harder to raise the status of the character when it levels up’. I would like to know if this is true or not.

A. The sheet deteriorates over time, not when the film is removed, but according to the number of races you have run.
As the sheet deteriorates over time, the increase in status when you level up will fluctuate, and it might become difficult to raise your status.

Q. New NFT sheets have been announced, will there be more new skills? Will they be available as official sales rather than pack sales?

A. We are currently considering the skills and cannot say definitively yet. We hope to make an announcement in the Director’s Letter as soon as it has been confirmed.

We are planning to make it possible to acquire the new characters from breeding as the first step.

— — — — — — — — — — — — —

We have received many other questions and opinions, but in order to prevent the article from becoming too long, we have excerpted some of them.

Thank you for reading all the way to the end.
We will continue to regularly introduce various features and disseminate information in the future!

Please look forward to the Ver2.0 report next time!

Director Yamamoto of “Graffiti Racer”

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