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Graffiti Racer Illustration Contest

We will create a Graffiti Racer NFT based on the character you draw!
The NFT character will appear in the Graffiti Racer with a SSS rarity.

The top three entries submitted during the period with the highest number of votes by users will be made into NFTs.
*The designs of the top three entries will be modified by the development team to be adapted the Graffiti Racer game.

■How to enter the contest
Please send us the following information along with your work via Google Form.

・PlayMiner Name
・PlayMining ID
・PlayMining Registered email address
・Character Name
・Description of your work (Character’s setting, etc.)

■Application Period
From Thursday, April 28 to Wednesday, May 11, 10:59 (UTC+8)

■Voting Period
From Thursday, May 12, 11:00 (UTC+8) to Sunday, May 15, 10:59 (UTC+8)

PlayMiner Ranking is AUCTIONEER or higher (*Owns a PlayMining Wallet)
Age: Minimum of legal age of adulthood in each country

■Notes on the submitted character
・Create an original character of your own design (characters from other works are not acceptable.)
・Make sure that the character is facing to the right.
・Please do not draw any background.
・Paint the characters in color, not black and white.
・Submission is limited to one entry per person.

■Submission Format
Image Size: W 500 x H 500 pixel
File Type: JPEG, PNG (RGB)

■Voting Method
On the voting day, a voting form will be provided along with a list of works.
Please select your favorite work and vote with an Emoji.

・The three winners will receive an NFT of a character based on their work.
*Those NFTs will be distributed before the launch of Graffiti Racer.

・The top three winners will receive DEP.
Grand Prize: 5000DEP
Second prize: 3000 DEP
Third prize: 1000 DEP

We are looking forward to many wonderful characters you design!!



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