[Graffiti Racer] Scholarship “Substitute Run” Feature


The “Substitute Run” feature will be introduced in the game in an update to Graffiti Racer scheduled to be implemented on Thursday, January 12, 2023

The “Substitute Run” feature is a Scholarship System within the Graffiti Racer game that matches an “Owner” who lends an NFT to a “Scholar” who borrows the NFT to run the race. The rewards can be then shared between the two parties after the race.

This article explains how to use Graffiti Racer’s “Substitute Run” feature.

● Request from Owners (those who want to lend NFTs)
1. Select “Request” from the Substitute Run page.

2. Select a sheet to lend from the NFTs you own.

3. Select a sheet and set up a request.

○ Substitution Period — Specify the number of days to lend.
○ Target DEP — Specify the amount of DEP reward you want the scholar to acquire.
○ Reward Sharing Rate — Specify the percentage of the owner’s share.
* All race coin rewards will be rewarded to the scholar.
○ Achievement Reward — Specify the reward to be paid when the scholar exceeds the Target DEP.

*The amount specified in the Reward for Achievement must be temporarily deposited at the time of scholar recruitment.
*When the target DEP is not met, the amount will be refunded, but a 10% fee will be charged for the refund.
*NFTs are locked while on loan or awaiting ranking tally, and cannot be sold while locked.

● Scholar (those who wants to borrow NFT) Application
1. Select “Run as a substitute” from the Substitute Run page.

2. Select how to search for requests.

○ Search by sheet type — Select from the sheet types for which a request has been submitted.
○ Search by PlayMinigID — Display all the requested sheets. You can also search by entering PlayMinigID.

3. Find and select a sheet to borrow.

4. Confirm the contents of the request and apply.

When you go to the Request Content page, the conditions set by the owner will be displayed.
If you agree to the conditions, please press the “Apply” button.
The matching will be established when the owner approves the application.

*Scholars cannot be matched with multiple owners during the same period.
* It is possible to receive multiple NFT substitute requests from one owner.

The latest information on Graffiti Racer can be found below.
・Special website (https://graffitiracer.playmining.com/



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