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【JobTribes News Letter #9】Introduction of “Giga Tokyo Toybox” Collaboration Amulets

Hello everyone!

I am Yamato Chikamochi, a member of the producer team for the NFT card battle game “JobTribes”.

We have recently implemented brand new “Giga Tokyo Toybox” collaboration amulets. You can purchase these collaboration NFTs at “PlayMining NFT”.

“Giga Tokyo Toybox” is a manga about a game development that has also been made into a TV series. I have read it also as a preparation for this collaboration and found it fascinating and could really relate to the content. The author, Ume, has also drawn illustrations for “French Chef”.

The amulets of “Giga Tokyo Toybox” collaboration have many direct attack skills and are especially designed to be useful in PvP. The Legendary amulet “Taiyou Tenkawa(Silhouette)”, which is completely specialized in attack skill, is of course powerful but I personally recommend the Epic amulet “Izuru Sensui” as it has a good balance of skills that are essential in PvP, such as budget recovery and SPD buff (parameter increase), making it a versatile player in any battle situation.

If you’re looking for an attacker type (an amulet that mainly focuses on direct attacks), please add these to your deck!



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