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【JobTribes News Letter #10】Which NFTs are great to have in “Common Quest”?

Hello everyone! I’m Yamato Chikamochi, a member of the producer team for the NFT card battle game “JobTribes”.

Starting from Season 5, we have newly added the “Common” category to “NFT Quest”, where you can earn DEP. For those who find it difficult to obtain Rare or higher NFTs, this is a great option to participate in “NFT Quest”.

*There are some NFTs that are not eligible for the Common Quest, please be sure to check the in-game information.

You may wonder which NFTs are useful in the Common Quest.

Since the Common amulets do not have many different types of skills, direct attacks are the main focus. For this reason, attacker type amulets with two “direct attack” skills are the first choice. For example, “Sumo Wrestler” or “Strawberry Farmer”, which many might have, are in this category.

And surprisingly useful amulets for the quest are the ones with “passive barrier” skills (a barrier that activates with a probability when summoned). This is because of the direct-attack-oriented battles that the ultimate defensive skill, “barrier”, shows its true value. It also depends on your luck, but if the barrier is successfully activated, the battle may turn out to be favorable immediately!

One of the amulets with both “direct attack” and “passive barrier” skills is “Copywriter”.

Take on the “Common Quest” by obtaining 6 Common NFTs!



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