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【JobTribes News Letter #12】Introducing combos to take advantage of the “receive devastating damage” skill.

Hello everyone! I’m Yamato Chikamochi, a member of the producer team for the NFT card battle game “JobTribes”.

JobTribes has many skills and some of them are difficult to use. One of them must be the recently implemented skill, “you receive devastating damage at the cost of activating a skill”.

The “Puzzle Ranger” series and “Hoshino Tsukiyama” from “Giga Tokyo Toybox” collaboration have this type of skill but many people find it difficult to use the skill because it destroys them as well.

Now let me sneak in some important information! Actually, skills that give you damage can be prevented by “barrier”!

Therefore, the combo of “barrier” and “receives devastating damage to him/herself” skills become useful! By using the “barrier” skill and then the “receives devastating damage to him/herself” skill, you can trigger a very powerful skill without any damage! If you adjust the SPD well, you can even trigger this combo within one turn.

If you see a skill “receives damage to him/herself”, please think about whether a combo with “barrier” skills is possible. This could be a very effective tactic!



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