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【JobTribes News Letter #15】 “NFT Acquisition Quest Season 8” Highlights!


Thank you very much for playing “JobTribes”!

I am Shokei Tanikawa, a member of the producer team.

It has been so hot just until a few days ago, but now that August has passed and the temperature in Japan is gradually becoming more comfortable.

I know it’s probably not appropriate to write about seasonal topics here at JobTribes, where we have players from all over the world, but I, Tanikawa, am not very fond of the heat, so I had to share my joy of the change from summer to autumn.

Well, Season 8 of JobTribes started in September.

The most noteworthy events in Season 8 are…the NFT Acquisition Quest Season 8 and the “Patlabor Quest”!

In this issue of JobTribes Newsletter, I want to talk about the highlights of the “NFT Acquisition Quest Season 8”.

As you may have already noticed, all new amulets implemented from Season 8 have new skills.

Some of them will be a great countermeasure against “multiple random attacks” and “barriers”, which have been very powerful skills in the past, so we are very much looking forward to seeing them in action in PvP. Please give them a try!

In the next issue, I’m planning to introduce you to the remarkable “Patlabor Quest” and the amulets that will be implemented!



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