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【JobTribes News Letter #19】 Collaboration Project of JobTribes and PlayMining Titles Begins!

Hello everyone!

Thank you for playing “JobTribes”! I am Shokei Tanikawa from the producer team.

It’s November and the year 2023 is just around the corner! Whether you started to play JobTribes this year or have been playing for a long time, how is your experience with JobTribes in 2022?

JobTribes will celebrate its two and a half year anniversary on November 26th, and we have a variety of campaigns planned. We will be making things even more exciting toward the end of the year through to the beginning of the new year, so please stay tuned.

Now, in this issue of JobTribes newsletter, we would like to introduce one of our year-end projects. As you might have seen on the Discord, the JobTribes and PlayMining collaboration NFT will be available soon!

Characters from 6 titles, including the games currently in the development, will appear in the JobTribes world!

This time, we would like to show you a sneak peek of the rough illustration of the collaboration with SOUL FUSERS.

It looks like JobTribes’ “Game Producer” is petting SOUL FUSERS’ “IGNITTO”!

In this collaboration, the JobTribes’ job lord and the character from each title will appear as a tag-team.

All of the designs are fantastic and newly drawn, so we hope you will enjoy them.

We also hope that this collaboration will be an opportunity for those of you who only play JobTribes to take a look at the Discord communities of other titles!

We will announce the details of the collaboration project and the timing of the event at a later date. Please look forward to our further announcements!



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