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【JobTribes News Letter #2】Introducing the Amulet of “Kaiji” Collaboration

I’m Yamato Chikamochi, a member of the producer team of the NFT card battle game “JobTribes”.

Just recently, we have implemented a set of new amulets in collaboration with “Kaiji”! Have you ever heard of “Kaiji”? It’s a very famous Japanese manga about a gambler. It’s the first set of Amulets in JobTribes to include dialogue in Japanese (as in manga) in the illustration!

You can buy the collaboration NFT at “PlayMining NFT”, so please check it out.
The Amulets in the “Kaiji” collaboration have many “high-risk, high-reward” skills, just like the characters in the gambler manga.

In particular, Legendary “Kaiji Ito” Amulet has a skill called “Steel Frame Crossing”. It increases your budget significantly if you survive two turns. This skill has been implemented for the first time in JobTribes.
It’s up to you to figure out what kind of tactics you can use to keep Kaiji Ito alive for two turns!

The other amulets also have unique skills, such as lowering some parameters to greatly increase others. They may be difficult to master, but if you use them well, you may be able to pull off a Kaiji-like turnaround! You’ll have to try a lot of different ways.

I can’t tell you yet, but we are planning to collaborate with a variety of famous manga works in the future. In addition to collaborations, we will continue to implement Amulets that can expand the range of your tactics, so please look forward to them!



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