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【JobTribes News Letter #3】JobTribes Championship 2022!

This is Yamato Chikamochi, a member of the producer team of the NFT card battle game “JobTribes”.

On March 6, “JobTribesChampionship 2022”, a tournament to determine the best player of JobTribes, was held! Has the the previous champion Ajihurai defended his title? Or did the other players beat the champion? The match will be broadcasted on PlayMining TV, so please enjoy the hot battle!

As I watched the game, I was impressed by how the top ranked players were able to read their opponents’ actions. They probably predicted their opponent’s actions based on the parameters of their amulets (ATK, SPD, etc.), skills, attribute compatibility, etc., and decided their own actions.

On top of that, reading their opponent’s moves and playing them against each other were all fierce battles worthy of the highest stage!
In PvP, it is very important to read how your opponent will act.
Especially in JobTribes, there is a large advantage/disadvantage ratio based on attributes, so it’s tempting to attack an opponent with an advantageous attribute. However, this may be a trap by your opponent.
He/She might be aiming at taking down your Amulet with great attacking skill!

In the short time you have, you have to predict your opponent’s actions and decide the best course of action. The battles in the championship reminded me once again how to enjoy JobTribes.

Please check the special website of “JobTribes Championship 2022” for the broadcasting time of “PlayMining TV”.



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