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【JobTribes News Letter #5】Introducing the “Dragon Zakura 2” and “Investor Z” Collaboration Amulets.


This is Yamato Chikamochi, a member of the producer team for the NFT card battle game “JobTribes”.

We just recently implemented new collaboration Amulets with “Dragon Zakura 2” and “Investor Z”!

You can purchase the collaboration NFTs at “PlayMining NFT.”

“Dragon Zakura 2” is a rather unusual manga about a teacher who teaches techniques to pass the entrance exam for the University of Tokyo, one of the most difficult and prestigious universities in Japan. Some of you may know it as it has been made into a TV series.

In line with this storyline, these collaboration Amulets feature many support type skills; Legendary’s “Kenji Sakuragi” has a skill that raises the ATK and DEF of all allies, so it seems to be a good match for attacker type Amulets.

Since “Investor Z” is an investment-themed manga, many Amulets here can use budget-related skills. The flow of “Takashi Zaizen” increasing his own budget while attacking and “Keisuke Kamishiro” reducing the opponent’s budget is likely to be a very effective combo in PvP.

The skills that can expand the range of your tactics, such as the passive skill of “Naomi Mizuno” which activates 100% of the introduced Amulets, have been implemented. So be sure to add them to the variations in your decks!



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