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【JobTribes News Letter #8】 After all, if you have strong Amulets, you can win, right?”


I am Yamato Chikamochi, a member of the producer team for the NFT card battle game “JobTribes”.

The scholarship system allows us to borrow NFTs from the owner. The most common comment that I see there is as in the title of this newsletter, “PvP can be won if you have strong Amulets, right?”

I think that is incorrect, at least in my opinion. It is true that you cannot win with amulets that you have not strengthened by promotions. However, JobTribes is not so naive as to say that you can always win in PvP by lining up all the highest rarity Legendary Amulets.

There are no clear “strong” Amulets in JobTribes. There are some Amulets that are more effective in PvP, but they are not absolute by any means. Depending on the compatibility of attributes and the use of their skills, those strong Amulets can easily be destroyed.

In “JobTribes Championship 2022”, Epic Amulets such as “L-ilith” and “[PvP Champion] shinkei <July 2021>” were very active at key points. It is important to build a deck that is not only “strong,” but also to consider what tactics to use and how to chart a path to victory.

And once the deck is built, it is not the end of the story. During a battle, you have to think through and make a decision in a very short period of time (20 seconds) to “read your opponent’s moves, outwit them and use the Amulets in your deck effectively. This is a battle that you alone, without the help of the owner, can win.

And it is the same for your opponent. They are thinking ahead to outperform your tactics. You can only achieve glorious victory by responding to every possible situation and continuing to make the best choices.



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